Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #8



1. I just want to give that dog a hug

From @oliveirapets

2. Are we still playing? Or…

From @daliagurrola

3. so precious

From @cindeliciosa8

4. So adorable! This made my day


5. So precious


6. You said Drop it


7. This dog is Italian, classic meme!


8. He does all the work, just gotta supply the nails

From  @kodascratches

9. he doesn’t jump, he floats

From @bernercooper

10. He dropped down outta nowhere

From @meowyjane00

11. He took it off so fast

From daniyellahhh

12. He was about to cry


13. He went FLYING


14. He will never get caught lackin

From kittybounce6921 

15. He’s actually trying to run in both directions at once

From @kamilandra_

16. He’s got his priorities right

From sonuwyblef748 

17. Just me (Finley) enjoying my favourite toy


18. Looks like a Kangaroo to me

From blackhallwalks 

19. Me during a presentation

From @zbeelyy

20. Same Lola, same

From @hurtingsouls

21. She looks like Doug from the film UP

From  @laurynfield

22. She was bewildered

From  @rugby_the_foxredlab

23. Someone tell him he’s on mute

From Olivechompz 

24. That was so loud

From  @faithnoelle21

25. The cone of shame

From @angel_tokenblasian