Hilarious Doggo Moments

1. I am so tired


2. I’m such a good boy, please give me a treat


3. Nope, she definitely needs more

From linguangst TW

4. Roight what’s all this then

From @adam.great.tweet

5. A completely valid reaction tbh

From katherinepatriick

6. Yo free my man’s yo 


7. He’s deceptively strong

From @doyouevenlift

8. You need to retake these, he looks TOO scary. Oh #2 is definitely the winner

From @ohyeahabbyy

9. Fine, I’ll do it myself

From @mbleitmill

10. Only treats can make up for this horrible day

From @theressomethingaboutperry

11. The confusion in their eyes

From jessica.dmh TT

12. Everyone say congratulations

From katealexandra67 TT

13. Trust fall. That’s the cutest trust fall ever

From @harrietandwilson

14. I think this mystery is gonna have to remain unsolved

From _bossandmay_

15. I saw him eat them all, give him a treat

From @taybooth14

16. The pure sibling energy this video exudes

From pickles_and_frankie TT

17. He can navigate even the ruffest seas

From @scottyandsimone

18. He said that’s enough outta you

From @troygladstone

19. If I fits I sits, and if I don’t fits I still sits. Is this a dog or a bison?

From shaunaconno

20. He’s innocent

From @pack_mentality_

21. He’s the BEST boy. He like >:3

From @booplethesnoot

22. I cant believe you fell for it. My sammich now hooman!

From @monte_thegolden

23. No chance of getting any work done with that cute face around

From @_billie_and_gus

24. Cant trust anyone. Especially those humans

From @kash.d.frenchie

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Awesomely cute! Some seem truncated, though. And not long enough. But SO CUTE!

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