Funny and Hilarious Doggo Vids Will Make You Smile

1. someone get this dog a record deal

From @meeeegaaaaan

2. "i’m not mad at you, i’m disappointed". She understood that talk lol. Now give treats

From @kendallfrnce

3. NEVER GIVE UP. The good boi just folded

From @ryantito21

4. thank you for understanding. Beautiful baby and it looks like he has a gorgeous curl on his forehead . What an angel

From @macthepitbull

5. she’s just doing the best she can

From TT

6. he squished

From TT

7. i would die for her right now

From @wormsnuff

8. the only video i’ll need for the rest of my life

From @rally.the.retriever

9. I can’t even get my dog to stop barking. This is giving dance routine with the cousins vibes

From @gsd_workingk9_sadie

10. this is the cutest thing ever. "Hugs?" "Absolutely not"

From @the_treat_life_of_jax_n_oakley

11. im screaming

From @jadenthekingsley

12. this is the goodest boy of the century

From @dubonduty

13. Perfect proposal doesn't exi-

From TT

14. he’s cheesin. Forget the plant then...take his picture

From @katelynngelman

15. how did the potato cross the river?

From @corgichon @vsendit @fersalvoch

16. omggg it’s wittle legs shake. This is exactly what everyone needed to see

From @callielorrainee

17. the bestest friends

From @teddyandalbi


From @louieandlennie @underwhellmed

19. please turn your volume up. It’s always the small ones

From TT

20. a heckin attac. He charged that attack

From @comfycoconut

21. arrest her for stealing my heart

From @hollyandhazelnut

22. my heart just exploded

From @chloehachiko

23. literally me as a child

From @wigglebuttblue

24. this is all that matters today

From @teslatheminiaussie

25. sorry, dogs always get priority seating

From @rory_the_sheepadoodle


From @tofu_corgi

27. literally me as a child

From @wigglebuttblue

28. I just caught puppy fever

From @bbflabradors

29. the CUTEST tippity taps

From TT

30. this is the story of my life

From @dunkinandfriends

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