Doggo Funny Moments and Videos For Your Day

1. When life gives you lemons, make a lemon helmet

From  @licca_tarao_0311

2. And the award for World’s Tightest Grip goes to this baby

From  @fritzmortimer

3. Fresh air, so yum! Anyone else like to snack on some wind?

From montytheberner TT

4. This boy stealing the show at his mom’s yoga class Not sure what to call this move, but we are here for it

From @harvey_colorado

5. Can’t contain his excitement when seeing new potential frens

From @ourdoghuck

6. Doing the good work in teaching the humans how to squeak life lessons

From @usernate14 TT

7. Oh deer, this friendship is ridiculously cute

From @brownhikingtrails

8. Go in for a bath, come out looking like a queen, this fur boy is clearly true royalty, and we bow down

From @t.m_kuu0509 

9. Found my dog like this and I’m pretty sure she’s trying her hardest not to wake up the cat

From @thebeagleandthebun

10. Those pups are livin their best life, pawfect timing

From @codylee862

11. When there’s a heatwave but you still wanna go on a walk

From @courtneyyyhughes TT

12. Mom’s just been growing that pineapple for three years. It’s fine

From @thepittiepack_

13. No greater feeling! Serotonin boost brought to you, besties who get you happy dancing

From @reyna_vizsla

14. Oh don’t mind me, just turning the doggie daycare into a water park

From  @sarahslaughters

15. Henlo & welcome home, how adorable is the booty bump greetings

From @palomaspaces

16. Looking like movie stars, those Golden Doodle have officially conquered that fresh, wind blown hair look we all want

From  @goldendoodledoos

17. And sometimes you find out your dog can climb ladders, what a surprising talent you are

From @aceandboadventures

18. Woo, this border collie boy deserve a medal

From @kitch_city

19. Did someone say balance? This game is too easy for me tho

From @sirnewtonseverus

20. The sweet feeling of fresh air and an open road ahead

From  @pugridesshotgun

21. Prancing pup is the epitome of happiness. Fenix has a neurological disorder called Cerebellar Hypoplasia affecting his balance and coordination. But that doesn’t stop this guy

From @fenixlumiere

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