Doggo Doing Funny Things Will Make You Smile

1. MIT students are just like you and me, that’s an acceptable reason


2. Huge news for the dog community, The only kind of king I support. And pray for


3. Business in the front, pawrty in the back


4. Dancing queen, Chichi got moves!

From @bellaollieee

5. It’s the best part of the day!

From @brisbane_the_rescue

6. Now I understand why dogs hate the vet

From @janelle_rankin

7. I still think he looks very handsome

From elizajsmith

8. I wanna be this dog so bad

From @catherinebong

9. Best wedding memory ever

From dabzndawgz

10. Get you a doggo that can do both

From @timmythepug1

11. You can really tell they’re siblings


12. Mom take me back home

From @gnocchidoodle

13. The double take. “Guys my human’s here! Gotta go…get me outta here…my human! Hey human!!”

From @artemis_thepartymiss

14. Mother how could you let me starve? First world problems

From @mostlythedoodle

15. You better watch your back around her

From @nalathegoldenretrievr

16. Jump scare, Nothing ends a good doze quite like the popsicle nose

From @swaggysonia

17. Incredible self control

From charlieandpatty

18. Mom, you’re really not gonna do anything about this? Her little face hahaha

From lpanzig

19. Peak comfort

From tankthebrownlab

20. Bound to fall in love

From kenzleclaire

21. This is the MOST beautiful thing

From @taco_minnie


From @citipupsnyc

23. He misses me, Raise your hand if you’d rather be home with your dog anyway

From alexiaarguelless

24. Getting the feeling this game has lasted longer than we think

From @aussie.falko

25. She definitely said something offensive. He’s like so she CAN hear me

From wtfkimberlyy

26. Guilty, So handsome in the worlds Muntay

From @cash.and.savv

27. I feel so seen

From lily_boris_darcy

28. Bro you’re supposed to put the BEANBAG through the hole, not yourself


29. The best third wheel

From @chopacorgi

30. You’re blowing it. P/s: He’s not really yelling at him and you can see the treats in his hands

From @tmades9

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