Dog Funny Videos Will Make You Smile

1. Thunder is living his best life, Dogs are such a gift from god

From @amandavermeerart

2. *gets up* “can I even swim?

From @dodging_lyfe TT

3. The way he nodded, Bless his heart.

From @thewanderingfarmhouse TT

4. I’d say he passed the assignment

From @pachelibre

5. Doesn’t even sound real

From @gianflsx836

6. He’s doing so good

From @pachelibre

7. We need a movie about them

From @tubsthebluestaffy

8. My serotonin was restored

From @jennnnnnnnnnns TT

9. He saw freedom and went for it

From @gaza1972

10. Just a little aromatherapy

From @2022_may_all_day

11. Me doing anything with confidence

From TT

12. That was calculated

From @annette.prado

13. Oh wow he worked for that nug

From @abbiemcg95xx tt


From @lisacortez03

15. You shall not pass

From TT

16. The only friends I make at parties

From @dsiegfried

17. iPad babies growing up, Looks like he’s enjoying it

From @odiethebullddog

18. I’d pick him first on my team, The dog is actually better than me

From TT

19. Always that one friend on the hike. P/S: the dog chooses to do this all the time and that he is perfectly fine after

From TT

20. Come on show her what we found, They’re so proud tho 

From TT

21. Ok but who’s throwing it?

From TT

22. I literally can not today

From @moosethemagnificant

23. I love you ball, ball is love, and ball is life

From TT

24. Owner is used to it, I keep thinking of that “wee” sound

From TT

25. Gotta go when you gotta go

From TT

26. He’s keeping that one, That’s impressive

From TT

27. She works hard to make this house a home, how smart

From @claireesmith18 TT

28. He’s in his feels

From @crazycharliebrown

29. He can definitely clear the fence

From TT

30. Intrusive thoughts took over, That little shake to shake the water off. Love them both

From TT

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