Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #75



1. Anyone know if this is a deer or a dog? 🦌 🧐 🐕

From  @macm023


3. Silly me 🫠

From  @tikanni.kita.n.tehya.3.sibes

4. What an amazing idea! Have you ever seen one of these?

She made a dog library and we are OBSESSED 🎾🪵🥹

From @daisy_the.berner

5. 😂 Nope! This is where my toy goes!


6. The cone of life ⚠️ 

From @honoluluthedoxie

7. Safe to say he knows

🙈 Yes, for those wondering, he already HAS a sibling and she was there with him. He’s never alone 🙂

From @pitbull.party.of.2

8. Just being a retriever retrieving 🪨 💦 😅 🎥

From @lizzie.bear

9. Everyone’s favorite goblin eared girl 🥹

From @foxredpeggy

10. POV: just trying to catch all of summer 😎 Water is life

From  @_gracestg

11. Who needs a broom when you’ve got? 😆

From @_olives_odyssey_

12. This video WILL melt your heart, and of course the owner wrote a poem to go along with it 🥹

“Bestest Friends of the unlikeliest type. But don’t you worry, they don’t bite. One is furry, with a wiggly tail. While the other is scaly, and also a male. But it doesn’t matter, forget all the chatter. They love each other, like a brother. And I’ll always be their mother.“ HOW CUTE IS THIS FRIENDSHIP! Give yourself a treat and follow @tillygthetortoise 🐢🐶

From @tillygthetortoise 

13. Playing in the rain 🌧️ Would your dog do this?

From @labrador_daisybrown

14. Well, this is embarrassing 😅

From @cooldoodstanley

15. Just the three best friends that anyone’s ever had

From @strudelmcdoodle

16. Just a couple of sweet treats 😋🍦

From @littlemisspepperandpoppy

17. When your neighbors dog rings your doorbell at 4am 🙈

From @omg_its_char

18. Brothers will be brothers 😂

From @the3retrievers 

19. Tippy taps for that FRIDAY FEELING 🕺🏻

From @kiskaandkoda

20. Riding in style 😎 It’s the bouncy ears in the wind for us ✨

From @labrador_daisybrown

21. Sleeping in never looked so cute🥹

From @thebeagleandthebun 

22. This good boy is known for his bouncy ears and tongue bleps. Any guesses on what breed(s) he is?! 🧬️

From  @montyandsashimi

23. This is how i feel knowing its the weekend!

From @cceharris73

24. Anyone know what kind of dog this is?? 😍 

From  @uncleneilshome & @revolution_philadelphia

25. Here to shatter stereotypes…

From  @house.of.koda 

26. Double the fun, double the love 🥰 Who else got their dog a dog?

From @howie.lennie.dachshunds

27. He giving us all the feels 🥹 

From @lifewithchompers

28. He really said “mine now” 💦

From @blaiseandchase10

29. Every. Dang. Time 🙃 Anyone else??

From @foxred_leia

30. He does what he wants 🤪 Better to not try this one at home, pups 🙈

From @humphreysaccaro

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