Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #71



1. If I fits, I sits

Who else has a dog that does this?

From  @pia.thelab

2. Asking if anyone has a direct line?? She’s not getting an answer 😆

DISCLAIMER from owner: “Lots of kisses and treats were given for my professional modeling skills and cooperation during the making of this very short clip. Sooooo… no call to child services was made. I am keeping my human. I get paid extra for being such a good sport. 💯

Furrriendly reminder to keep your pups comfortable in their costumes! If they’re just not into it, trade the costume in for some Halloween dog treats or toys to celebrate 🦇

From @josie_the_outlaw_boxer

3. A stunning performance

From @the.real.rusty 

4. We were late to our lesson but I couldn’t interrupt

From @dogmatt2020 / @turnaroundteam

5. Windy chops 💨 Nature is neat 😆

From @everything.olive_

6. Cannot handle this cutest 🥹 Doesn’t look useless to us! What are some of your dog’s favorite tricks? 💬

No trick is truly “useless”! Trick training is a wonderful way to work your dog’s brain, bond with them, and help them feel accomplished. “Smoosh” is one of Baloo’s absolute favorite tricks because he gets so much praise (and a ton of his favorite treats) every time he does it

From @bully.baloo

7. Good boy Karl 🥹 Jumping into the week with this energy 💯

From @karl.and.jan

8. Hey Mom, look at this… want to try it?” - Niko 😂

From @_nikosworld 

9. Love when dogs wag their whole body because the tail just isn’t enough for their excitement 🥰

From @dittawiggles

10. Save this for later Halloween, It's never too late for Halloween

From @itsdougthepug

11. Furriendliest neighborly love ❤️What a greeting! I would love that

From @thetennesseetrio

12. Dre experts at ✨ Dog Math ✨

From @knight_thepit

13. Doin’ a hoppity-hop hello 🥹🐰

From @dappledaxiebros

14. It’s the little things in life 🎾🐶

From @thelifeofsusy

15. Next level unlocked 🤣💦 Now these pawrents know how it’s done!

From @sup_pups

16. Did we just become best friends?

From @estherwilby1

17. Proving that you can indeed still be a puppy at 4 years old💅 Shoutout to all the Velcro dogs out there!

From @odafin.t.schultz

18. We’ll save the swimming lessons for next time 😆💦

Shoutout to dog mom for keeping a watchful eye! Any other water loving pups that would try this? 🌊

From @chenner747

19. She is powerless to new smells 🙃 Who else can relate?

From @queenharley_vizsla

20. Doin’ a happy hello 🤍

From @nylah_the_bluestaffy

21. I’m sorry, I can’t get up, my dog is fishing from my lap and isn’t ready to stop just yet 💀

From @pointerpawprints

22. He turning himself in 😇 guilty as charged

Most of the time, he is a perfect angel and smart as all get out, but it’s OK to make mistakes, we aren’t perfect either!!

It doessss help that he always asks before eating things he finds 😂”

From @darrelthedoge

23. Sora saw her first airplane and it needs to be publicly acknowledged

From @hanunahsolo

24. Absolutely hilarious! Love that little gang!❤️

From  @theshihtzusophie

25. She is explosive

From @itsmissmango

26. This berner got the tips and tricks to getting ALL the attention🐾Who else practices these at home?

From @itskevintheberner

27. Taking neighborhood watch very seriously 🤗 Love these happy tails

From @poseyandralph

28. If ghost is not real, then explain this! Fellow golden retriever is the ghostess with the mostest 👻

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

29. He looks innocent to us 😇 What do you think?

From @julesmeetsworld

30. This pug is Mr.Steal your girl 😏

From @thepuggysmalls

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