Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #66



1. With selective hearing at its best 😅

From @honeysgoldenhour

2. May not be able to spell yet but he’s onto something 🧐

From @thatgspgary

3. We giving the absolute smoooochiest puppy fever 🥹

From @the_freckled_sassy_bassets

4. Not again 😅 Any other multi-dog households relate?

From @ourcozyventures

5. What a welcoming 😅

From @shay.n.brooks

6. Life hacks with lil sausage pup, you’re welcome 🫶


7. Bringing a whole new meaning to sled dog ❄️ 🤪 

From @mya_thegoldengirl

8. Safe to say black Labrador is a fan of popcorn 🍿🙈 Do your dogs like it too? 

From @theblacklabrador_poppy

9. Staying vigilant 🤪

From @honoluluthedoxie

10. This brown labrador doin’ a help with the chores 🎏

From @labrador_daisybrown

11. He giving pure vibes 🤪 Happy first Friday of 2024, we made it!

From @sirralphthecorgi 

12. Rumor has it, somehow he is still a mama’s boy

Any dog dads out there that can relate? 😂

From  @nash_the_dach


14. Our kind of ski lift 🎿 Anyone get some snow this weekend?

From @littlebearlumi

15. A classy lady at NYC’s finest dog café

From  @borisandhorton

16. He giving that side eye 😒

From @bella_theaustraliancattledog

17. Age is just a number, and Georgia is proof! Guess how old she is. 🤔

It’s not easy watching our beloved dogs slow down. While we can’t control everything that happens, there are some ways we can help them age easier.

1. Keep your dog active, both physically and mentally. Take them on leisure walks, car rides, or swimming. To keep their mind sharp, you can play some dog-friendly brain games. For example, hide treats around the house and instruct your dog to sniff them out.

2. Give your dog a social life. Many dogs love to be with other humans and dogs, so schedule regular play dates. Just pay attention to your dog’s cues.

3. Show your dog lots of extra love! Think about the unconditional love your dog has given you over the years and do your best to return it to them tenfold. Your love is free and can be given in abundance, but it is priceless to your pup! 🥰

4. Double up on vet check-ups. Early detection of health issues is crucial, especially in aging dogs.

From the3retrievers

18. Frogs are SCARY 🐸 “She had to be carried back in fyi” 🙈


19. Here for the Queen Sheba

You’d think the bad arthritis and lack of teeth would be a deterrent for Sheba to NOT try something like this, but the queen can’t be stopped when bread is involved 🤣 (I can’t say I blame her, though, because I love bread, too 🫣)

From @wethreepitties

20. They gunna have a great 2024 🥂 🪩 Happy New Year’s everyone! Do you have any resolutions?

From @halfhuskybros

21. On today’s episode of crunchy ASMR 🎤

🥩 Are you sharing any NYE snacks with your dog

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

22. This golden retriever has zero regrets 🙈

From @hubertthegoldenretriever

23. The best snow bunny buddy 🥹❄️

Did you know Colorado has ski resorts that you and your dog can use before and after operational hours? Here is a list of them

1. Arapahoe Basin
2. Winter Park
3. Aspen Snowmass
4. Telluride ski resort
5. Monarch Mountain

From @summitsomewhere

24. He would like to know if we’re there yet 🚙💨

From @waffles_the_vizsla

25. Oh that’s my dogs personality in seconds 😂 🙈

From @milothehuskyrescue

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