Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #52



1. The new kitten looks kind of weird

From TT

2. Me any time I see a dog on the street


From cant_believe_its_butters

3. I can tell she won’t do it again

From @tmades9

4. I would also like to see the baby

From agoldennamedkevin

5. He will now protect the pumpkin with his life

From @purebred_muttt

6. Come back mom, look how sad I am 🥺

From @einsteinthestaff

7. Too preoccupied to downward dog rn

From pawpalsyoga

8. I won’t tell if you won’t

From ilovelucy_thejackrussell

9. That’s what you’re wearing on our walk? Okay

From b11884

10. He’s easy to please

From @coconuts_adventure

11. And whose fault is THAT, mother?

From simonakoleva76

12. I will personally fund all of the batteries he needs for the rest of his life

From jennastubs

13. Oh you’re a Haiku fan? Name three of his songs

From @haiku_the_husky

14. Sounds legit

From @mylifeasfrenkie

15. That’s my spot

From @murphyandmilliebennett

16. Classic second child energy

From bordercolliemum

17. Just making sure they both know what my priorities are

From @tituspom

18. They always know

From kaja_macho

19. Spookiest ghost I’ve ever seen 😳

From heyandydiaz

20. What are you talking about?

From em.hort22

21. Get her a little sweater at least

From nino_d444

22. He did exactly what was asked of him

From atat908

23. That better not be what I think it is

From @bigsnootwhiskie

24. She’s not letting her lack of opposable thumbs stop her

From @sugarthesilken

25. This is clearly a professional dancer in a dog costume

From @phoebecobberdog

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