Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #42



1. Every time 🙄25 minutes of debating their favorite Muffin flavor

From msshanitarenee

2. He comes bearing gifts

From alanna

3. “Is that ME???? 😦” Meanwhile the dog is having a severe existential crisis 😂

From ari_worden

4. He loves the view


5. Absolutely not

She protecc,
She attac,
But most importantly,
13 stairs and she turns bacc.

From @_adventuresofmaddie

6. All she knows is that she’s a star

From rosybosythelab

7. Because she looks gorg in it

It’s a shat - ( shirt hat ) 🤣

From @lilliuzivertt

8. Become ungovernable

From @evanngeliiine

9. Best welcome home ever


10. Dad is the superior nap spot

From @jerrywasabulldog

11. Delicious 😋. “Just lemme taste it…”

From  @chasetiffy

12. Free him

From uservxjduxxhhs

13. He’s a city boy, he’s GLAMPING


14. He’s having his main character moment

From louie.belle

15. He’s the therapist

"I wonder who that is...." (Looking through the glass). "Uh customer, come in. Let me grab a pillow for you. Pls suit yourself. I'll call my assistant (the hooman)"

From @honeydeweydrop

16. I love this song

From mr.memes088

17. It’s not just a phase mom

From madisonn_c

18. Now this is some first rate reporting

From @be.right.bekk

19. Runaway glizzy 🫣

Lightning McGlizzy

From wolfietheween

20. She’s snug as a bug in a rug

From jaycharger

21. Tag yourself I’m the American Bully

From lulu_andtuktuk

22. The perfect passenger

From @gabrielbogner

23. They’re all an 11/10 for me

From @thetrickstarsuk

24. This could be avoided if dinner was served on time

From @dash_and_furrious

25. This is setting me up for a great day

From myminiwinnie

26. You better get him a real friend right now! That’s ok. Some of mine are too 😂

From goldenmom72

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