Daily Doggo Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #15



1. My girls have been doing EVERYTHING for me while I have been in the hospital

This entire experience has been both physically and mentally very tough for my daughters

From @magnusthetherapydog

2. Not today girl


3. 5 sec rule? Lol

From @magnusthetherapydog

4. Anything but the claw


5. So we gonna pretend like we ain’t see that?


6. The Summer Is Coming


7. Cutie, look at how they dance


8. Give him back now


9. He just kept sliding


10. He was just to late

From @dognamedstella

11. He’s still learning about the world and his body

From @magnithedog

12. I do it too...

From Eon-02 RD

13. I love how he walks away

From @sfairgreaves

14. It’s a bird, a plane, no its Zeus! He loves it

From zeusandcaeser 

15. It’s just a prank, got ya hooman


16. New friend

From cvitlin

17. OMG, So many cuties. I'll take them all. So pretty!


18. Open you heart again, it’s worth it 

From @mangothegoldenretriever

19. Or a run. Well..learn to keep up human


20. She loved it. The nose boop tho

From mayo_labrador

21. She redesigned it

From @tiahopkins_

22. So many puppies

From anamariac3

23. SOUND ON. bro acts like he got bills to pay


24. Tornado alert

From @emilyyota

25. Treat them like my children

From @daniel.labbi

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Judy Smith

They were very good videos of the dogs I liked them

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