Cutest Golden Retriever Videos and Images Will Make You Smile

1.  Butterscotch (Maggie) is growing so quickly. Love that fluffy little so much

From @sweetpeachgoldens

2. Sunflowers on Sunday

From @dugdayss

3. What a beautiful white golden retriever, just like a cloud

From @diezweiherren

4. What being a dog mum looks like

From @billyandisla

5. Golden retriever life, always smile and cheer up

From @Goldentito

6. Haircuts, how I will be nice after this

From  @hdbrosriley

7. Mood on Monday be like...

From @gffkennel

8. Material girl. Ohhh what a beauty

From @agh_prep, TT

9. Education. mum what do I do with it? I think it’s broken

From  @miken.hannon

10. Beach boy, one love for sand

From @Brunothegolden

11. Confused. Good mom with that quick reaction!

From huns_2000, TT

12. Little pup vs big pup

From TT

13. Does your golden pup do the same?

From @benson.thegoldenretriever1

14. The look in her eyes

From  @adoptingd0gs

15. Today is a great day for posing

From @brucethegoldenboy_

16. Meeting the sisters

From : @maize__and__blue

17. Lil boy enjoy first time with snow

From TT

18. Tired little one

From TT

19. Bitey revolution. Mini bitey hurts SO bad

From  @louiethecream

20. Spring's coming, time to enjoy the flowers

From TT

21. Secret puppy meeting

From TT

22. Mom said I need to be nice, so does it look cute now?

From TT

23. Cutie. Future f1 tracks

From  @benson.thegoldenretriever1

24. Mom love, how adorable and care

From TT

25. Growing up, bigger bigger every day

From  @finleythegoldenbear

26. So today I bring mom a gift, a shock from her wardrobe

From TT

27. Speaking Golden Retrieverish

From  @tmades9

28. Blep

From TT

29. Fav words. Aww, he wants to go

From  @ggmoneyyy3 TT

30. What a happy smile is this fella

From TT

31. Wanna live the duck life

From  @winthegolden

32. Happy beach day with mom, how cute I am?

From TT

33. Cooking Tip, cooking with your dog is never boring. Literally saving this to watch when I’m having a bad day

From TT

34. Hiking with your dog is fun, you will see his happy face all the time

From TT

35. Cutee. Living his best life, no matter what

From @kristinefinne

36. What is he dreaming at? Chimkens maybe

From TT

37. Saying sorry, Kiko was a good boy

From TT

38. When you meet your old friends at the park

From TT

39. Romantic and so sweet golden retriever boy

From @k_bubolz

40. The cutest thing ever, spending great time with your retriever at the beach

From  @sircharles_thegoldenfloof, @scottyjhayes

41. Is this movie about ME?

From  @mauisoasis

42. Just a baby, always

From @lmm_fitness

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