Adorable Doggos Meme Videos Will Make You Smile

1. Introverts when they have to meet someone

From TT

2. Sounded like a chicken, but still cute anyway

From trooperj9319

3 Oops. But I was ready for a canonball!

From @mypugmeimei

4. Too small, too cute, too adorable

From @dailydoseofinternet

5. I want to go out and play right now hooman

From itsmimouche TT

6. Céline Dion could never agree with this!

From @grummlinds

7. Which one are you?

From TT

8. The look of disappointment

From @zoe_zimmerman

9. No think, just eat, yummy

From @brooke.foland

10. Aye look at me..this you

From @dustinpup

11. can i keep him! YEH EES YOORS

From gashi/TT

12. I didn’t know you felt that way

From kid_strozzy / TT

13. Walking like she is looking for something to dry her hands with

From kassiemarie83 on TT

14. This is too cute

From @_skelexton

15. This is Scout, she’s a merdog now

From @dyo.ang

16. Dogs said: Yeah let's race!

From @joshbutlertv

17. He looks so upset

From TikTok - reealy1

18. We don’t deserve dogs!

From @mis_fit1986

19. The dog’s reaction makes this even better

From @bodybymadisoncoach

20. This is so cute, big dog and kitten always made me smile

From @brownhikingtrails

21. Hug them please

From @lehkcie @stinkie.stella @kanyesweenie

22. They did say you need a leash

From TT

23. Must retrieve this, for it is prophesied in my name

From @_anniemacleod

24. Derp! Hope this will make you smile and shine

From @fenixlumiere

25. This is so cute, he hugged him back

From @chris_fsu21

26. He looked at him like: ‘leave me alone hooman'

From TT/milkjarlol

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