40 Instances Of UPS Drivers Running Into Dogs That Made Their Job A Whole Lot Better

You know it’s a very well-known notion that you only care about a certain something until you get taught a lesson about it. And it often happens the tough way. The pandemic is one thing, really enough, and causing stressful and scary thoughts to erupt in the head every single day. But what gets more on the nerves is, the aftermath of this pandemic, the so-called SOPs that have literally made us stop living our lives the way we used to. The quarantine and the lockdown are literally so annoying and are playing with everyone’s patience.

The virus has certainly changed the way how we looked at life, worked with things. We now operate differently and I strongly believe the fact that this has become a “new normal”. The new normal is something that we had to adapt to and now there is no going back. There isn’t a life without it. But if you think about it a little, there are certain someone’s out there who haven’t really changed with the pandemic sweep and have been working hard putting a big wide smile on our faces. Those two amazing entities are the UPS drivers and our very own doggos.

And imagine what happens we combine the two together. I know, absolute and ultimate cuteness, that’s what will happen. Let’s look at some of the cutest examples of the two greeting one another as if they met after a very long time.

1. Newly hired, very effective

2. My man just struck jackpot right there

3. Pandemic selfie! Dog’s like “You better not give me that sick"

4. Bow down to the, bow down to the king

5. The excitement levels are off the charts here

6. Aww, why is this one so emotional

7. A happy doggo in a happy man’s arms

8. Time for some treats: UPS edition

9. You can tell this driver’s day just got a whole lot better

10. This day, the dogs decided to go meet the driver not the other way around

11. Is this Mrs. Saleen? I have your package. You just need to feed me 2 treats

12. That dog looks like a Pokémon

13. Ain’t no viruses stopping us from enjoying the cuteness

14. “Oh hey honey, no it’s just a dog I promise I am on duty.” Dog: “woof woof woof woof (I am a dog)”

15. When you toss that treat and say “Catch”

16. Doggos needs no selfie. Doggo just needs to stare in that gorgeous face and admire it for life

17. Woah, that dog looks so majestic

18. By those looks, their days just got a whole look better

19. We have arrived at the spot, the treats are being poured into the hand, the deliciousness is about to ensue

20. Two seniors on a nice Monday afternoon

21. When you are in the mood to shower love

22. Eyes at the prize

23. Zoomies incoming. Looks like the UPS driver made the doggo wait more than usual

24. Those eyes, those eyes can do wonders

25. They are so tiny yet they pack so much adorableness. How?

26. Pic one: “Who is this guy?” Pic 2: “Oh shiz it’s him, he’s wearing glasses.”

27. Not into selfies, I assume

28. You were missing something. What? Your daily kissy

29. Waiting in turn for their share of huggies and kisses

30. Aww it’s like they are having a really fun conversation with the UPS driver

31. Parcel delivery ain’t really a tough job if this is what you get on and off throughout the day

32. Hey uncle, we heard you were distributing free treats. Are we at the right truck?

33. Someone’s excited that their favorite deliveryman showed up

34. Cute pooch with a delivery driver

35. Just letting those emotions take all over

36. It’s just a lovely relationship and I wish it stays alive forever

37. Oh wow look it is the birthday boy’s lucky day

38. First delivery of the day dealt with cuteness to make sure the remaining ones go great as well

39. Oh my god, it’s so cute and tiny. The driver ain’t half bad either, yo

40. How can you not stop and chill with them when this is how they look at you

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