35 Hilarious Dog Posts That Prove How Life With Is A Never Ending Adventure

Do you know the secret ingredient to live a happy and joyous life? Dogs! If you own a doggo, then you might know what we are talking about. Watching doggos sitting on the couch, playing with balls in the backyard, or sleeping in awkward positions at unusual places is more than enough to bring a smile to our faces. But what’s more enjoyable is when these pooches act hilariously and make your day filled with humorous joy.

1. Todd is a true hero

2. Little sexy bum

3. Dogs never fail to surprise us

4. Some people can go beyond their limits to take care of their doggos

5. When you’re on your way to your favorite restaurant

6. Wearing a hoodie – reality vs expectation

7. My heart is melting

8. When you sleep for 8 more minutes, and you’re already late, but don’t give a damn

9. The face you make when someone is lying to you and you know the truth

10. It’s so freaking true

11. Looks like he is staring directly into the soul

12. Say cheese, please

13. Peek-a-boo

14. Story of our life, no?

15. Didn’t realize that a single wig can completely change your appearance

16. Let’s compare the age of dogs and humans

17. Don’t know what’s funnier, duckface, or that doggo’s expressions

18. If “disappointment” had a face

19. It’s school time

20. When you finally get to see your buddy after such a long time

21. What are you sayin’ man?

22. It all started with a kiss, and now here’s the final result

23. This is the transmission I need.

24. Leaving your mark wherever you go…

25. What a cutie

26. Humph – life is tough to handle

27. It appears like someone had a good time during their first bath

28. The most comfortable place to have a good nap

29. Random act of kindness is enough to make someone happy

30. When you both are opposite in nature

31. There is no stronger bond

32. Their personalities compliment each other so well

33. When you sleep for 8 more minutes, and you’re already late, but don’t give a damn

34. These buddies are so LUCKY to have each other

35. Have you ever seen a furry caretaker?

36. Are they best friends already?

37. Why do these pooches sit calmly after making a complete mess as if they did nothing wrong?

38. This picture says it all

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