30 Wholesome Photos Of Dogs Celebrating International Dogs Day

I am sure all the dog lovers are aware of this, but we will still bring into your knowledge the special day that is to be a celebration in admiration for our adorable dogs. On August 26, dog lovers take time out of their routine to celebrate the existence of all the precious dogs that have blessed our lives with their existence. These furry creatures make our day with their kindness, warmth, and love. A lot of people keep dogs for protection and safety, but that is not all that dogs do. They fill our house with laughter and warmth. They cheer us up when we are sad and bring smiles to our gloomy faces.

Before we dive into adorable pictures of doggos to celebrate their overwhelming cuteness, let’s talk a little about the purpose of International dog’s day. This day, people are encouraged to adopt pets instead of purchasing them. This day was inaugurated by Collen Paige back in 2004, who was a lifestyle expert at the Animal Welfare Advocate and Pet. This idea came to his mind after he brought in a beautiful dog named Sheltie into his home. The purpose of this day is to shed light on the animal abandonment that we see in our daily lives. So many stray dogs and puppies are alone, without homes, in this world. This day was found to aware people of the homelessness in dogs and encourage people to rescue dogs that require proper care, shelter, and love.

Now that we know a little history about this day, let’s make our day by seeing pictures of adorable dogs that this universe has blessed us with. Scroll down to dive into the epitome of cuteness!

1. My favorite carrot toy

2. Protector of the house

3. All I am is a fur

4. Golden hour, play time at under the sun

5. Shower time

6. How beautiful are they

7. Furry ball

8. Play fetch with me

9. Why are you standing under the sun with this squarish device, mom

10. Serious mode on!

11. Pink harness

12. Big one, Little one

13. Can I have more treats?

14. Bestfriends stay together

15. Replica

16. Pretty little girl learning how to drive this

17. Dracula vibes on

18. Are we sure this is not a painting?

19. Clean boy with the beautiful tongue

20. Elegant is her middle name

21. Twins

22. Guess who is the owner of those game now

23. My mom keeps taking my picture, I have been sitting still for an hour

24. Enjoying the cold ground in this hot weather

25. Photography 101

26. Waiting for his human to complete work so he can be cuddled to sleep

27. Family portrait

28. Playtime

29. Sleeping beauties

30. Mom didn’t give me a treat, so I am going to eat a wooden branch

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