26 Adorable German Shepherds That Proved No Other Dog Breed Can Take Their Place

They are some of the most loyal dogs you can find. This loyalty also comes with unconditional love and a lot of playtimes because they are super active. German shepherds are known to be very intelligent, so they can be trained quite easily. They learn tricks and commands quicker than most breeds because of their intelligence. They can also be used as guard dogs as they are very alert and protective of their humans. On top of all this, they are just plain adorable! If you’re a first-time pet owner, a german shepherd or labrador would probably give you a very good time. With all these amazing characteristics of german shepherds, what more could you want from a dog?

Even though these dogs are amazing, they are still under-rated. So we have to give them the recognition that they deserve. German shepherds are sweet and adorable, no matter what size they are. And we have compiled pictures of some adorable german shepherds that will win your hearts. Scroll down below to have some “aww” moments:

1. A playful baby

2. Just two best friends hugging

3. Mabel wants belly rubs

4. Protective mommy looking after her babies

5. 5 months and 50 lbs, I am going to carry him when he is 70 lbs too

6. Draw me like one of your German girls

7. Sorry coach, I can’t come today. My doggo took my basketball

8. When you come home late and you get the “We need to talk” look

9. She’s not very fond of the basement, but she’ll watch over me while I do the laundry

10. Coming face to butt with a squirrel

11. When your dog discovers splashing water is a thing

12. We finally brought our girl home last night! Meet Juno

13. For 6 years, I successfully convinced my better half to wait for us to settle down before we got a dog. The waiting is over. Meet Kenya

14. A magnificent doggo

15. Trying to imitate his human

16. 10 months old gentle giant

17. Best friends forever

18. From 8 weeks to 20 weeks but still a baby

19. A team of best friends

20. Just five more minutes, please

21. Enjoying the great outdoors

22. Cats circling around him because they are his bodyguards

23. Yakin pup and her mama

24. Picking up a 7-month-old German Shepherd can be difficult

25. Linda’s confused head tilt just makes us melt

26. When mommy brings you a marrow bone treat but you’ve been a bad boy so you have to use the puppy dog eyes

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