25 Snapchats Of Dogs That Prove Dogs Make Life Better

Some might not agree with this. After all, it would be quite tough to take care of 101 dogs at once but it would also be quite the riot. But that is not what we are here to talk about. Today we just want to celebrate every dog in the world with some of the most adorable dog pictures you will find on the Internet. Now, every dog picture is perfect but these have been hand-picked to bring you your daily dose of adorableness.

We have several breeds, every size, old and young all for you. And in this day and age when the media is filled to the brim with disasters, a little bit of light is just what we all need. So if you are ready to bring some wholesomeness into your life, you can do that by scrolling below. Though a fair warning, as after perusing these pictures you might wanna get another dog or you might still be unfulfilled so proceed with caution.

1. This is the only way to tell someone that you are pregnant

2. That is one good guard doggo

3. I don’t think this picture requires any sort of context

4. Better than coffee but be careful this cup might bite

5. A relaxing spa day for the adorable doggo? Can I help?

6. You will have to go through me if you want to get close to her

7. Everyone likes a warm butt

8. This is scientifically proven to be right

9. This dog is not happy about another addition to the family

10. This story is definitely better than Twilight

11. Were those his balls?

12. Can we bring him home? Please

13. ‘I don’t want those cheap treats.’

14. Who would be heartless enough not to give him a high five?


15. He looks ready to sniff crimes and help the police

16. And there is a reason for that, they look gorgeous doing so

17. The look in her eyes says it all

18. I would be just as excited if I learned that someone got me a delicious cake

19. This doggo is certainly feeling cheeky after giving birth

20. I mean who doesn’t like hot bottles? I know I do

21. None of the dogs are too happy about the cat in the picture

22. Let us just say that this dog has many ‘curves’

23. I am not sure if this is a real puppy or a plushie

24. Cats can be very scary no matter their size

25. It is never too late to get a fluffy companion

26. He needs ice quickly before he becomes the carpet

27. Who hasn’t had to deal with a food coma at least once in their life?

28. Every office should have a dog. Scratch that! Every confined space actually

29. Why doesn’t every job allow us to bring our pets? It would be great

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