25 Dog Memes To Satisfy All Dog Lovers’ Obsessions

Dogs are not just animals, they are a feeling. A positive, realistic vibe that you can touch and feel both physically and in your heart, gets you through your day. Dogs are the only reason the human race is still surviving. So using the substitute rule that we never applied after studying it in Calculus, you could say dogs are life for humans. And I am so confident that no one will object to that. Forget all your other life supports and focus on dogs for a second.

You don’t really need to adopt a dog or be in its vicinity for its magical powers to work on you. As you may know, whenever you are in the aura of a dog, all the stresses in your life go away and the void is then filled with lots and lots of wholesomeness, adorableness, cuteness, happiness, and good vibes. Now back to the part where you don’t really need to be in the physical bounds of a dog for all this to work, I am not lying.

The internet of things, this unlimited network of networks is what allows us to be in that dog environment from the seats of our home. This virtual bonding with the dogs works absolutely perfectly. I have had a first-hand experience and trust me, it is the best feeling one could feel. You, all of a sudden, are in another reality where these good boys have one duty only, to make humans happy. And that always happens unintentionally. Social media does play a huge role in this.

So here are some of the best doggo memes to exploit all our happy emotions. Trust me, you don’t need to be a dog lover in order for this to work, the dogs will convert you in a fraction of a second.

Scroll down below to enjoy and get your dog obsessions fulfilled.

1. This is the magical power only dogs possess and I need to learn it

2. You just hope they don’t notice you said that and awkwardly stare at your food trying to eat it as normally as you can

3. Don’t worry Uncle Tom. You are just gonna have to wing it and win that interview like you’re the boss…which you totally are

4. Oh my god the disappointment and the satisfaction that comes when this happens can only be delivered through this expression

5. There can only be one good boy on this planet. This cute floof

6. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the living representation of a hackerman, but as a dog

7. Oh my god I am literally wheezing right now. That level of happiness when someone makes you that offer is unexplainable

8. Henlo there, owner. What have you got there to share with me?

9. The reflexes go into ultra instinct mode when you hear those footsteps

10. The prophecy is true and we all just witnessed it happen before our eyes

11. Did you really start bathing without me?

12. And what about the only thing that is getting high on romance and lots of red wine? You guessed it

13. At this point, I wood too

14. I had never been excited about RJs until now, obviously

15. Just look at those eyes. the doggo probably just got the biggest shock of its life and it is so hilarious

16. You just have to stay committed and trust the process

17. Ha! Ha! Really funny, Mr. Human. Now get us out, this is kind of creepy

18. I don’t think we could have had a better good news than this before closing this year, 2021

19. Those eyes scream “Oh my God, not this dilemma again where it isn’t really a dilemma, there’s just fun and then tons of regrets after.”

20. If anyone was to take my personal opinion, this pupper does not look overdressed at all. Infact, it looks the star of the show

21. The guard dog makes mean faces, everyone goes away, uncle stays safe, guard dogs duty gets accomplished

22. Obedience, innocence, cuteness, wholesomeness, and hilarity all in one picture

23. This time will, too, pass and you two shall finally touch hands… I mean paws… whatever

24. Mr. Good Manager over here hard at work dealing with demanding costumers

25. Oh my god it does look like a pillow

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