23 Dogs That Made Their Owners Go Bonkers With Their Shenanigans

It’s cool to have a pet that looks cute. You can have its plenty of pictures and show its adorableness to the world. But, to have one that looks adorable and does weird shit too, is SUPER cool. Why? It is because, they can make you laugh out loud any time with their ridiculous acts and weird faces. Imagine you are having a bad day, full of stress, and then you see your derpy doggo lying on the floor with its butt in the air, would it not make you burst into laughter? Well, happens to me every fricking time!

You can’t really do anything about your dog acting ridiculous but to capture it and share it with everyone so all can have a good laugh. That’s the right thing to do. The Reddit users have been doing the same. They shared hilarious pictures of their dogs acting weird and we selected best ones to show you in this thread.

1. Flexing his long legs

2. Poser

3. Who made this sweet boy sad?

4. That dog bed you bought ain’t nice

5. Can sit super silly

6. What working on Monday actually feels like

7. They assembled their doggo wrong

8. Sleepyhead

9. Finding TV remote after it slid inside your couch

10. Cast him in a horror movie please

11. When you look fancy so you sit fancy too

12. This is Lok. He knows all about what’s going on in the neighborhood

13. When mommy deep cleans the room and finds a whole stash under the bed.

14. Yo, can you do this, eh?

15. The tail looks like a third leg to me, ngl

16. Benji doesn’t know how to smile for a photo

17. LMAO, what a derp

18. Has her own rock collection, y’all.

19. Maddie the dog was trapped in the basement but didn’t want to bark out of shyness

20. All that space but he chose another dog to sit on

21. This dog loves to eat apple peel whenever the owner is making an apple pie

22. Leaving home all pretty vs. coming back

23. Looks like he’s been missing his leg days

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