20 Happiest Dogs Enjoying Their Life To Max

We love sharing our happy moments with our pups and they too, never stay back in expressing their immense pleasure. Waggy tails, slurpy kisses, and bright smiles are how our canine friends usually express happiness in different situations.

You’ll know your dog is living in the moment when the corners of its mouth are dragged up, the tongue comes out and the eyes squint, that’s a genuine smile. Playful barks and zoomies are often part of the excitement regime too.

Here are doggos who exactly know how to live a joyous life and get the most out of joyful moments!

1. What are evenings without grass rolls

2. My boyfriend just bought a boat and my Josie girl loves it

3. Are we there yet?

4. Little Fuzzy’s most amusing moment these days

5. The moment I got brownie her favorite stuffed toy

6. We’ve got the sweetest babysitter

7. Flight mode on

8. Nothing makes him happier

9. She loves surprises, the face clearly says

10. Up up and awayyyy, hurray

11. Never letting go of it

12. Doggo off to his space mission

13. Trip to lake calls for doggy dips

14. Wide, wider, widest smile on a game of fetch

15. Her first waterfall blew her dang mind

16. When you finally get to go outside after lockdown


17. How you cool off a hot summer day

18. I’ll trade the world for this smile

19. Cherishing the end to another great day

20. Just when they see an empty swing in the park

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