20 Fresh Dog Memes That Will Make Your Day Pawsome

And there is a reason for that. After all, who doesn’t love dogs? They aren’t only loyal but their shenanigans can cause hilarious things to happen that will have you laughing for days. So it is no surprise that people love putting dogs into memes. Their facial expressions are just perfect for this sort of stuff. Sometimes it feels like they’re humans in a dog body and I can understand why people think dogs are more intelligent than they are.

However, we have all seen most of the memes on the Internet. And everyone cycles through the same dog memes after a few months. It is as if new content is becoming harder and harder to find. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. Because we have fresh doggo memes right out of the oven for you. You will not only find this hilarious but also quite relatable to your life. So what are you waiting for? Scroll below to take a look for yourself.

1. No need to think, he clearly is a human by the looks of his expressions

2. I need to cuddle, Can I move over there?

3. Are you gonna leave me alone?

4. We can probably make a blanket out of all that fur

5. At least she is having fun

6. The bad boys get everything

7. We just need milk and everything would be perfect

8. And somehow we ended up with this beautiful and weird cookie

9. I would buy him

10. I can’t say I don’t agree with her because she is definitely correct

11. Not petting a dog? Impossible

12. That is going to be hard to explain

13. Food can make anyone calm down or go crazy

14. I usually just rewatch my favourite series. After why move on to a new show?

15. I want the cuteness bomb to go off at my house

16. Why would the sun be so cruel

17. Why thank you, I appreciate that

18. The story of every person with sleeping problems out there

19. So will you play with me, now?

20. I will not listen to your babbling anymore

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