20 Dramatic Dogs Throwing Tantrums To Avoid Bath Time

There are things in life that you just can’t get over with. Some fears, some memories, some relations. It really isn’t easy. I, for example, used to fear clowns as a kid, they used to terrify me. Like I would literally forget how to move and would start shivering. Proper horror story! To this date, that fear resides in me. I can watch movies that involve clowns, that doesn’t bother me. But when I see one in real life, my entire nervous system flops. There was once a clown waving at everyone at a petrol station. I really had to get the gas but I shot away like a bullet cuz I caught a glimpse of that terrifying thing.

And when it comes to dogs, can you guess that one thing or activity that breaks their brave energy into tiny pieces? You guessed it. Bath time. For some reason, dogs absolutely hate it when their owners ask them for a bath. It’s kinda like those trigger words that converted Bucky into the Winter Soldier in Captain America. To dogs “bath time” means “It is time for some proper drama to ensue.” My god, the tantrums they throw just to avoid getting soaked in water are absolutely hilarious and very fun to watch. Yes, this is very evil, I am fully aware of the fact that one should never laugh at other people’s misery, but dogs aren’t people right? So I think we have factual approval to carry on.

We surfed the internet and compiled some hilarious images of melodramatic dogs throwing tantrums just to avoid a bath. Trust me, they use every technique and method there is in the dictionary. From angry stares to innocent big eyes, everything. But unfortunately, they really don’t work. Owners are getting smarter and a little treat bribe can do just the job.

So, let’s enjoy or feel for these dogs feeling terrified of water. Scroll down below to view!

1. Dog 1 and 2: “We will eat all your furniture after this”. Dog 3: “Please send halp"

2. Guess who is taking a bath? My fluffy peaches

3. Playing sleeping just to avoid bathtime

4. Just 2 more minutes, Dad. I want to spend my final minutes in peace and alone

5. Mr. Sameul L. Jackson is in no mood for a bath

6. When you realize Daddy missed the McDonald’s exit and is now turning towards the Groomer

7. Another reason why they hate baths is because they love being stinky

8. The reason why they hate it so much is that after the bath, it looks like their soul just got sucked out of them 

9. Ooft! The tantrums

10. Try me, bish

11. When Dad says, “That was a really nice walk. Come on, it’s bath time now."

12. I said NO BATH!

13. Overdramatic dog throwing tantrums because it heard the word “bath”

14. The dog is set to automatically move in reverse whenever it hears “bath time”

15. Just a dog being extremely dramatic about bath time

16. Every muscle in the body gets signaled to move away from that tub

17. Just give me a god damn minute, I am trying to muster up the energy

18. How to get your dog to the bath

19. My dog’s expressions before bath…

20. It’s like they think of water how we think of acid

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