19 Wholesome And Tender Collaborations Of Nature And Border Collies

When you try to think of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world, Border Collie would definitely be in the top part of your list. And not only are they blessed with all that brain power, but Border Collies are also extremely beautiful as well. This competition of both beauty and intelligence is quite a rare one. And this rarity is exactly why so many people deeply love this dog breed. Not everyone is blessed with a Border Collie but those who are, are literally the best people in the world. See, if you have such a majestic animal living with you, you would certainly want to showcase it to the rest of the world. Their pride, our gift.

Today we have got some delightful experiences for you guys. Experiences coming straight from the owners of Border Collies of the world, telling us what an amazing thing life becomes once they enter your life. And the gorgeous pictures coupled with those experiences exploit our emotions in the best way possible.

1. Just moments before a glamorous transformation

2. My 7-month-old border collie doesn’t have enough room for her tongue and a tennis ball

3. The shelter I work at had a litter of 5 1-week-old border collie pups. My coworker chose this pup before his eyes even opened, and he ended up being the only one with a blue eye! This is Ollie

4. I took a picture of our 6-month-old border collie

5. I hope Tracer cuddling her brother Biggs Darklighter brings a smile to your face today

6. We had a baby 3 weeks ago and our border collie hasn’t left his side since we brought him home

7. Meet Darwin, the only border collie to ever sleep through an entire vet appointment

8. My border collie puppy likes to jump up and sit on random things. This is my favorite so far

9. Surprised my girlfriend with a border collie. I think they’re both happy

10. First dip in the ocean

11. Never trust a quiet border collie

12. This is how she tells me she’s ready to go outside

13. Meet Loki, the 3-month-old border collie puppy being fostered at my work

14. Ready to take a walk in the Wild West

15. Me, my girlfriend, and my roommate each have a border collie. It took about half a bag of treats, but we got them to sit still long enough for a family portrait

16. 14 years later and he’s still my best buddy

17. Brushed him for the first time in a while, we thought he was getting chubby

18. Never seen a dogo more excited for fetch than this

19. One of them is having a really good day and you can guess who isn’t

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