19 Times Pets Surprised Us With Their Hilariously Witty Actions

You might have received the best surprises from your family members and friends but have you ever gotten surprised by your pet?  No doubt, pets are the most adored creatures on the Earth but they leave no chance of surprising us with their cute yet strange pet behaviors. Like humans, pets have emotions too and they have their own ways of showing their emotions. From attention-seeking to the weirdest sleeping positions, pets always have something to surprise us with.

All these behaviors might seem weird to you but are totally acceptable and they will leave you surprised at the end of the day, making you question yourself why they did what they did. Somedays they will make you laugh, other days they might stun you with their actions. Well, whatever they do, you and I have to accept, their prompt actions make our ordinary days a little more exciting. Scroll down below to see how these innocent-looking pets have surprised their owners with their witty actions.

1. His decision of eating spicy sky raisin is making him regret his decision

2. The face that you make when you ask your mum for food

3. No, mommy! I didn’t do this

4. This is how a disciplined boy looks like

5. This basket is my new place

6. This is what multi-tasking looks like. Yoga while you’re sleeping

7. Surprising me with a new sitting position every time

8. This is how you sleep after completing your assignments

9. How am I gonna get you out of this?

10. His failed attempt to sit in the toilet seat

11. Cuties will not let you shower alone

12. No way! Are you playing hide and seek again?

13. Woke up to this

14. Who sleeps like that?

15. New day, new surprise

16. Now I figured out why my bulldog keeps walking in and out of bathroom

17. Clearly not in the mood for a walk

18. Let me wear your shoes

19. Someone desperately needs a nap

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