15 Perfect Dog Family Pictures That Will Put All Our Family Photos To Shame

A dog is an ideal companion to humans in so many ways. It not only fills the void but also provides you with a mental, physical, and emotional cushion to cope up with life. Wholesome cuddles, refreshing evening walks, and moments of laughter are all gifts from your canine furry friend.

Domesticated dogs are used to living close to humans, hereby they deeply understand and observe the environment. They give in a lot to bring ease to their humans. It’s easier to train a pet dog than that which lives in the wild/stray conditions. Dogs need training just like children require school. Measuring a dog’s intelligence, it has been found that they are pretty smart and can evaluate different situations pretty conveniently. However, the intelligence may vary from breed to breed, levels of intelligence can be estimated on instincts, obedience, and ability to adapt. They are quick learners and a little training can bring a big difference in a dog’s conduct. How quickly a dog responds depends on various factors such as age, environment, and time.

In Miami, Florida, Sandra and Jose run a doggy daycare, training, and boarding facility called Woof Pack. They are doing a pretty good job in providing professional training to our furry friends. They have a deep understanding of how dogs react in certain situations and the logical reasoning behind various behaviours. Their staff loves spending time with the doggos they have at their centre and those who visit them during the days. They moreover are pretty proficient at capturing some of the best dog family pictures, which they keep posting on social media to keep us updated on these lovely pooches. It’s unbelievable how these dogs are so obedient and well trained that they huddle up arrange, and stock-still during the whole process on picture days, better than our human kids even. The effort Woof Pack has been putting in, to coach these woofs is pretty obvious in these pictures

1. "Like humans, some dogs will learn faster than others,” stated Woofpack

2. Do you want to build a snowman?

3. Midwalk pictures are their fav

4. What’s a birthday party without birthday hats?

5. Perfect poser family

6. Doggies day out

7. Strike a pose and smile your tongues out

8. We expose them to different real-world situations so the good behavior is not only when they are inside the home but when they go out as well

9. They’ve been magnificently trained

10. Woof crew at a secret mission

11. We provide them with exercise so they are more receptive at the time of training

12. Any dog can be good between four walls, it’s when you take them out that the real challenge begins

13. They’re definitely up to something

14. Newyear calls for celebrations

15. Celebrating the harvest

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June Phillips

These are all awesome dog pictures! It’s amazing how well behaved they are.

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