15 Funny Haircuts That Make Pets Look Almost Humans

Dressing up pets and trying different looks on them, who wouldn’t love to do that? We’ve often observed how people make sure to design costumes for their pets alongside their children on special days and holidays. It sure is something extremely amusing to do. They are part of our family just in a non-human shape.

Do you want your pup to look more human? No problem, a simple haircut is a solution! Your girl-dog would love wagging her ponytails alongside your girl-child, just give them a chance to become an actual part of the family and they’ll never disappoint you to be as human as you are, with all its adorableness! You might also get a partner to pose with, in a selfie for having the coolest haircut or you and your doggo could also get the same haircut! Trust me you are going to be the next trendsetter if you do that.

Our pets are like children, right? So why not groom them the way we’d groom our children. Here we have gathered pictures of some pets who got fresh haircuts inclusive of their grooming routine and they don’t look any less than humans!

1. It was about time for a haircut. Maggie loves haircuts

2. Yo! man, what’s up?

3. You might be the assistant at the hairdressing salon

4. Hollywood hero from the 70’s movies

5. That’s neat

6. But I thought you had small eyes

7. Is he wearing a fancy new coat? Oh, no! It’s his fur

8. Yeah she’s been cast in the romantic tails from the olden era

9. Kitzy looks like a character from a fairy tale

10. I can be a supermodel. Where can I fill out the application?

11. Teddy has been working hard on his beard

12. Looks like someone isn’t happy with his new coiffure

13. My neighbor has the exact same cut

14. Little boy mark with puppy eyes

15. Perfect pigtails, little girl

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