13 Dogs Who Are Breaking The Rules & Cuddling With Cats

The rivalry between cats and dogs seems to be an old tale now. Feline pets and our goofy woofs seem to get along pretty well these days. Pet parents, nowadays, are obsessed with both cats and dogs that it’s hard to tell apart who is a cat or a dog person, anymore. It may take some time but they get used to staying at the same place and eventually become pals.

Whether it’s about sharing toys, food, or our doggos being generous enough to give their kitty friends their beds, everything about this relationship is just so precious! Life is pretty interesting around cats and full of excitement around dogs. But when you have both there’s an extra dose of cuteness too.

Cuddle times are just a treat to watch when it comes to these furballs. Here we have brought forward some exemplary friendships between kitties and doggies, who just made stereotype cat-dog rivalry a part of history! We are sure this will brighten up your day like nothing else.

1. Doesn’t she look adorable sleeping like that

2. How could I NOT love my baby?

3. I do love you, little pup but I hate when you do that

4. A Purrfect family photo

5. Double-cuddle comes with double-trouble

6. I don’t mean to be creepy, but your head smells amazing

7. Love is in the fur

8. Cats will always be part of the crew

9. Watchdog in real

10. Silent scream for how happy he is to have a kitty as a friend

11. A cat surely loves you if she shares her cat tower with you

12. Keep your eyes off her

13. Look at these two, chillin’ together

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