Daily Pug Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #7



1. Who is this fella


2. Beautiful puppy 🩵

From @quynhcarrot2510

3. Sunshine spa☀️

From @norrisandedna_thesquishy

4. Bang bang bang

From @kobepug

5. Aww. She’s showing her baby..❣️

From @paola_tec

6. Oh my goodness, what an adorable family

From @entosecichsinebabova

7. Is it just your mouth🐷

From @kingkong_vely

8. What do you think of this ?😘

From @mackgoyette_

9. Right way to teach him lesson?what do you think? 🤔😅

From @mariaheloisaesser

10. So cute 😍

From @kingkong_vely

11. Best day EVER! 💓🎉

From @tuliplovepug

12. If you got it, flaunt it! 👙

From @pugdashians

13. Just a short nap, then mom wake me up

From @kingkong_vely

14. Did you know the 4 steps to pug swimming?

From @pangpangthepug

15. How to bath a Pug 🛁

From @thepuggysmalls

16. Spa day with this lil fella

We took advantage of the day off today and did a little wellness program with Molly:
✅ Brushes
✅ Baden
✅ Brush your teeth
✅ Cleaning your ears
✅ Shortening the claws
Was it all overdue 🙈 She is losing a lot of hair at the moment. That means in the next few days we have to brush, brush and brush again.

From @molly_der_mops_aus_berlin

17. One of my favorite videos🤣

From @kaylou2866

18. Adorable 😂

“Love you”
“That’s nice, still my ball”

From @sophiathepugg

19. Pug engine start

From @meshalaljaser

20. Some interesting facts about Pugs

From @pugloulou

21. She is and always will be something special 🫶

The best oldest sister ☺️ So sweet and protective ❤️She is and will always be something special to me 🥰

From @molly_der_mops_aus_berlin

22. I am mommy’s cutest thing ❤️

From @_puglucky_

23. She itchy face

From @yardley_and_gigi

24. Long weekends with my girl 👧🏼🐶

From @apugnamedlarry

25. Sometime I just lazy, just sometime

From @pug_alis

26. Attitude✌️

From @thepuglevi

27. Just add water! 😂

From @peewee.tv

28. I demand more treats!

From @pug_leonid

29. Oh, sorry .... 🤣


30. Happy pug ❤️

From @apugcalledfinley

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