Daily Labrador Retriever Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #5



1. How to train your Labrador Retriever more patience

From bucklythegoldador 

2. It startled the little 🐶 pup. Bless her heart 

From TT

3. Now he’s a 70lb puppy

From billie_and_gus 

4. What a cute and smart dog

From TT

5. Actual footage from 5:47am this morning 😁

From billie_and_gus 

6. He was like, “I said yes, lady!” 😂

From sullytheblacklab 

7. Back when we was only 1 month old🥰 

From jackieandfreddie 

8. Watch their love grow

From theworldofkodi1111 

9. Wait for his backfires

From kobythechocolateboy 

10. Adorable Labrador Retriever puppy dog

From thelifewithlabs 

11. Oh my gaw it's so sweet

From mailo_22042021 

12. The Dexter 5000 is guaranteed not to leave any mess behind

From dexterthebalancingdog 

13. Nalita lives her best life✨


14. We bare bears🖤🤎🤍

From thelabradorfamily__ 

15. Chocolate Labrador Retriever puppies are the best

From mallen2899 

16. My first week at home!

From _mooselab 

17. Who else relates

From bellalab20 

18. Sweet baby Joy! Hendrix and her talking puppies 👉 

From bartonlabs 

19. The CLAW is undefeated 🙌🤣

From thelifewithlabs 

20. Literally endless funny moments with this maniac! 👉 

From snifferroo_1

21. Everyone loves doggy kisses. This is precious.

From kristenmillman 

22. On the way to Home❤️

From heidigirly 

23. Does your dog do this every time they get into bed

From magnusthetherapydog 

24. 5 things you need to know about a Labrador Retriever

From hectorthechocolabo 

25. Best friend from now

From cvitlin.z

26. What a gorgeous colour and smol lab boy

From bartonlikesprings 

27. Beautiful 

From susies.zoo

28. King of the house 👉

From magnusthetherapydog 

29. Labrador: ants are weird hehe...

From TT

30. She is a professional athlete

From  @surfstage

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