Daily Labrador Retriever Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #3



1. This puppy just melted our hearts!!

From @thelifewithlabs

2. hey hooman, look what we found

From @uk_meme_

3. “Whoever switched legs with the witch, let me see where that store is😂”

From @bbititok88

4. “Do you ever wonder.. what is going on inside someone’s head?”

From @kailittleguy

5. One day he’ll be jumping in 😂

From @maykristiin

6. what are you looking at

From TT

7. That’s so cool

From @cvitlin.z

8. This is my spot

From @tofioyhenart

9. Excited for dinner

From @emileebellant

10. Dog: If not, don't touch it 🤨

From @daniel_c_la

11. Double chin puppies are the best 🥺

From @billie_and_gus

12. She's grown up now and still makes me aww everyday


14. Mom with her babies☀️

From TT

15. what sound?📢

From TT

16. I could watch him all day 💙

From kelcymcarlson

17. Puppy love🍉

From taterthebulldog

18. Things to know before gettting a Labrador retriever🎍

From jennthegoode

19. Treats are widely loved in this group of pupperonis

From labrador.seven.1

20. Do you know what he wants?

From TT

21. Someone’s got some explaining to do💞

From kateelise23

22. What is this dog doing?

From labradorablepippa

23. He is a good boy

From labrador.marty

24. He’s heartbroken 😂

From smartdogseven

25. When your puppy catches the Delta.🍒

From jimmyrams

26. 😍I could watch him all day 💙🍍

From kelcymcarlson


28. Wait fur his reaction

From thelifewithlabs

29. He only ever wants to watch the same movie 😂

From good.boy.ollie

30. country boy

From labrador_rudya

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