Husky Videos Will Make You Smile

1. Don't worry everyone this is pretty normal for Huskies. They're not stuck, just dramatic

Mine always crawls under the bed and whines like he's stuck but as soon as you bust out the treats he scrambles out.

From we_have_huskies

2. SOO FLUFFY! Will she always look like a sheep?

From sled_dog


From dogsbylogan

4. "stubborn" is an understatement! They absolutely have their own minds and are extremely smart (also insane)

From TT

5. One moving with his bowl in mouth

From viugasland

6. He really likes her lol. This girl has the best job in the entire world

From feliciawilson_85

7. I’m still convinced that they are humans stuck in a dogs body

From nonniknows

8. Good boy

From jakegracey

9. If I fits I sits.

From woof_wooffamily

10. Matched the energy effortlessly haha. Mommy help daddy has gone crazy

From good_vibes_onlyyyyyyyy

11. I am convinced my Husky is broken no freaking personality at all

From axelandjinxed

12. So accurate and dramatic lol

From raypetgroomer

13. Like “wth are you waiting for!?!” Lol. Omg I want him

From TT

14. That Husky is trippin big time, definitely my spirit animal

From louisthehuskyy

15. They partied like it was 1999, huskies are wild man


16. Hims broken hahaha, what a cutie

From skythehuskyservicedog

17. Totally me and my dog


18. Well he is definitely absolutely correct, he knows the best, you can tell by the glasses he is wearing

From myathesiberian

19. Aww sing little cutie

From TT

20. Dog can’t howl but you are playing the music so loud…at 4am..

From swaglordtom

21. Awwww strawberry color beautiful, so tiny and smol

From whiskey_the_huskyy

22. My husky does that exact thing. No noise, just chomp chomp chomp

From lunathehuskycorgi

23. Little T-rex, He is just so adorable doing his Doggo Paddle

From brunogoodboy7

24. Dogs are like little people, You guys are wonderful to have this dog and take such good care of him/her! You have such huge hearts

From sugar.cant.see

25. The great escape, Natural escape artists lol

From TT

26. The siren howl at the beginning

From hunterthemalamute

27. Thats a smart husky. Youre not gonna keep him from having fun

From anancydiary

28. That’s a husky, yeah add howling and they’re not going to know

From elinolasco32

29. She’s beautiful and adorable

From lunathehuskycorgi

30. Majestic snow poodles, And the Oscar goes to...

From haikuthehusky

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