Depressed Obese Husky Finds Herself Again Through An Awesome Journey

It’s not hard to find obesity in animals these days, especially in pets. The main cause of this occurrence is too much fat accumulating in their body due to overeating and lacking physical activities. When your pets are overweight, they will have to face the risks of diabetes, joint pain and liver disease.



Of course, obese animals need help, a lot of help. The situation won’t get any better within just a few days, so it will take plenty of time and patience. But if you are determined and love your pets enough, you guys can get through it, together.

Mishka was once an unhappy and obese dog. But luckily, she had found herself an amazing owner who helped her overcome so many difficulties.


The girl saw Mishka on a shelter’s website and fell in love with the Siberian Husky right at first sight. She decided to reach the shelter. That day, Mishka’s condition wasn’t very optimistic.

Even though, nothing could stop their bond from forming right away.


Mishka was taken to her forever home right after she passed her temperament test. Back then, the dog was obviously not as delightful as other newly adopted dogs should be.


Fortunately, Mishka still had friends to lean on. They were foster puppies that Naleah adopted. With the help of her family, Mishka began to find herself again. After several months, she started to enjoy running.


And after ten months, Mishka was a whole new dog.


Finally, after one year, all the hard work was paid off. She was in her goal shape. No more obesity!

Now Mishka is healthy and, undoubtedly, extremely happy. Both the dog and her owner have done an incredibly great job. You rock, girls!

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