Daily Husky Funny Videos Will Make You Smile #3



1. Alaskan flat tire.

From @camillarudidalen TT

2. Cotton candy colors on the sky and very eager dogs

We have also trained 125 km since we came to Finnmark - amazing dogs!


3. Day 8 of Skaya's Advent Calendar

And of course, Skaya continues to have her traditional jump scares! Probably because she can never be sure of what will come out of her calendar!


4. Dear Santa, I’m just a wild wolf and should not be held accountable for my actions. Please put extra treatos in my stocking. Thank you, Rocky

From @siberian_husky_rocky

5. Does this make my hoomom The Grinch?

From @siberian_husky_rocky

6. Dogs love this time of year, right? 😂🎄


From @siberian_husky_rocky

7. Don't look at me in that tone besties, I'm just over here trying to have F-U-N


8. Early morning husky arguments will sometimes include paws being thrown🤣

From @_mayahuskyy @storm.huskyy

9. Explaining daylight savings to your husky….


10. Have you seen anything cuter in your life?

Delta loves his walkies! Where is your favorite place for walks!

From @camphusky

11. Huskies. Chatterboxes. Mouthy. Attention seekers. Gotta love them.


12. It was very rude 😤 He had no right you are a beautiful belly rub for you


14. Ladies, ladies. I know I’m handsome but please.

From @siberian_husky_rocky

15. My child 💙Do you feel the same about yours?

From @siberian_husky_rocky

16. My Husky Is DONE Watching Soccer With Me!

From @meekathehuskyy

17. My Husky, Ares, throws fits whenever he don’t get his way. Anyone want a Husky?

From @conradroschival26

18. Rocky has a love/hate relationship with this time of year

Loves the cold, hates the outfits his mom makes him wear

Does your dog like this time of year?

From @siberian_husky_rocky

19. Since Day One 🤪

From @tikanni.kita.n.tehya.3.sibes

20. So many things to do, so little time! Sorry all... I need me right now


21. Someone’s on the naughty list 🫢


22. The only Christmas Dog I need

From @tikanni.kita.n.tehya.3.sibes

23. They are so excited

From @shedhappensss

24. When I tell him it’s time to leave the park, but he doesn’t want to leave yet… 😂


25. Would someone like to come over and explain to Ma what a boop is?

I think she missed the memo...

From @typicalteyla

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