30 Weirdo Huskies That Prove They Are Not From This Planet

Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot of you regulars must be familiar with the fact we absolutely love dogs and wouldn’t think twice if we had to die for them. And the dogs feel the same about the humans they are in love with. They really don’t care much about themselves and always put the safety of their loved ones above their own. Such bravery and possessiveness are literally so hard to find. Dogs are literally perfect. And when you start exploring all the different kinds of breeds, that perfection keeps doubling up. Every dog breed is unique and amazing in its own way. It really depends on how you treat them because our good boys are always ready to give back. All their energetic and joyous selves require is a heavy dose of love and undivided attention. Be careful with that attention part because some of them take it very seriously.

So, love, caring, protecting, being hilarious, they are amazing at all of them. But there is one specific breed that excels all of them when it comes to being weird and dumb. And I am damn sure you guys are already onto it. Yes! We are talking about our good old Huskies!

For those who aren’t familiar with a Husky, which is very Siberian Husky is a medium-sized dog breed and is easily recognizable owing to their thick double fur coat, triangular ears, and some very gorgeous and distinct markings. They belong to the Spitz genetic family. On average, a Siberian Husky can live for about 12 to 15 years and can grow as tall as 2 feet. One very important thing to know about them is to try not to get them angry because a Husky has a bite force 320 pounds.

Given all these crazy characteristics that I have quoted, Huskies can be extremely hilarious and weird. They literally do things that will make you believe they are not from this planet or any planet at all. They are creatures of their own will. You’ll see!

1. Why do they always have to make weird faces to the camera?

2. When you press the wrong button and your husky’s real identity gets revealed

3. Oof the struggle just to get a peep

4. Caught red-pawed

5. This person pretended to throw the ball and captured the very moment his husky realized he is being played

6. This Husky is very amused by her sister

7. Hooman, what have you done to me? My systems are crashing


8. What happens in practice vs the reality

9. A Siberian Husky not being able to contain its Cortisol

10. When the unavoidable software update starts installing on its own

11. Believe it or not, this on your screens is a Husky sleeping “comfortably”…

12. When the interviewers ask you to reveal your hidden talents

13. Not just dogs, it’s how every single species reacts when they have to go see the doctor

14. Priorities

15. Bring me something that will excite me

16. This husky dug up a pig ear from its neighbor’s pantry which he never knew was there. An alien spy on a secret mission

17. And my mother thought huskies are terribly aggressive and will eat me alive if I adopt one

18. They resort to hibernation when their owners aren’t home

19. Every time you ask them to pose for a picture. They will do the exact opposite

20. This owner decided to call his husky in, who was actually having a really good time in the snow. The doggo went on to make the “just 7 more minutes” face

21. A blend of fancy and drama

22. And when you return, these aliens go extremely crazy

23. These weirdos will literally sleep everywhere, at any time

24. It’s just a ball, mate. Do you guys not have it on your planet?

25. All hell breaks loose as soon as they spot their attention is being divided

26. The term “personal space” does not exist in a Siberian Husky’s dictionary

27. A satisfied husky smiling at a dissatisfied owner

28. When the wind reveals your true hidden identity

29. I know right?! Who do you think could have done this?

30. What has gotten into this puppy?

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