The Cutest Retriever Videos

1. Bath time again

From :@chocoandnala

2. What a big and gentle this golden fella

From @cooper.thegoldenboy

3. Man’s did not need much convincing, he fell in love immediately

From @bellaamtz

4. Yes, I think this is the time for celebration

From @chocoandnala 

5. Aww, that look, how adorable

From  @luna_andruby TT

6. Tongue out, and having fun today

From TT

7. There are always 2 types of dogs in the world

From @kodaandfriends TT

8. Enjoy the sun with mom, or just wake her up for the treats

From TT

9. Life with golden retriever puppy be like...

From @goldenlifeof.hazel

10. Don't mind the background, I did it hooman

From TT

11. I ate too much wotermelom today mom

From @maui_thegoldenpup TT

12. Beautiful things mom just got for me today, how cute I am now?

From TT

13. Those eyes, how cute

From @puppy_grahams

14. Thanks to me, those pumpkins are big now

From TT

15. What da dog doin?

From @ogballer04

16. Cheers, because today is a great day

From TT

17. He love mud bath

From @olympe667

18. Adorable twin

From TT

19. They like “where that milk at, son

From @mikiforward

20. The most happy smile of the day

From TT

21. Let’s go outside take the ball and play

From @minacachu

22. It's a ruff day

From TT

23. Bite it all, chomp chomp

From @monte_the_golden

24. A chocolate golden retriever boy

From TT

25. Heck, we want go out and play

From @misssarahalyssa

26. Love the way tail is wagging. My dog jused to do the same. So cute

From @nckatwy

27. Omg.. who won? Who won? How long did it last

From @michelemilkeyy

28. My dog walks me everyday. Mission failed successfully

From @riverthegoldenfloof

29. he had fun, a lots of fun

From @rosieadventures

30. Beautiful family but you’re the third wheel now. Dog can steal your bf is real

From @my.oh.maya

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