Hilarious Retrievers Videos Will Make You Smile

1. Pupper golden learning new tricks

From @goldenretrieverblu_

2. So cute

From @_olives_odyssey_

3. See Drake grow up

From @drakethepupstar

4. This is me on Monday morning

From @hudsonbegood

5. This is just too adorable

From @maui_thegoldenpup

6. Just have to include eating and cuddling walks riding in cars and petting

From @goldenchilidog

7. This is so cute

From @lifeofsterlingnewton

8. Call the pawlice dad but I’m not listening

From @benny.thegolden1

9. Ms. Buttwiggle

From @littlegoldengracie

10. Omg. Precious baby. I wish all dogs could have this life

From @arnoldthedoginator

11. I have never seen a golden seal

From @thereal_fancychance & @shalynnicolee

12. This is so wholesome

From @lunas_golden_life

13. Tag a friend who would like to see this cutie, awee

From @wileythepuppy

14. He is super smart...

From @beaunosebones

15. Pooo

From @adore_pankaj

16. No, she wants to claim back her couch lol

From TT

17. Doggo soon has a meeting with himself in the mirror

From TT

18. True love, hope he get well soon

From TT

19. I would definitely give him my snacc

From @hugoandursula

20. A floating pupper

From @rileysgoldenlife_

21. Best friends for life, Its the final pose for me

From TT

22. This is so wholesome, and the doggo still try to steal my bf

From TT

23. His face the entire time

From @goldens.fourever

24. My cuteness hormone also gets released

From @daisythegoldiee

25. Reunited

From TT

26. Ahh this is too cute

From @maggieandherdads

27. Calming comfort for both of them. I love this!

From TT

28. That smile

From TT

29. Happy, happy happy dog

From TT

30. Adorable face

From TT

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