Hilarious Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile

1. It’s not the most Adorable thing ever?

From @dash_thegoldenpup

2. Love the look on the older dog. Puppy so cute

From @sydlessss TT

3. Such a beautiful pup

From @leothecream

4. This gives me "Excuse me sir may I introduce you to our Lord and savior" vibes

From @leothecream

5. The ONLY baby to have

From @tylerforster03

6. Those kids I need the most in my life

From @kodaandfriends

7. It works! My golden puppy loves it

From @lifeisgoldenx3

8. Happiness is here, the little pup enjoy the slide

From @lilshrimpchip

9. Me falling for love, my mood everyday

From @wat.ki

10. The bark at the end is perfect

From @twogoldens

11. I’d have so much fun with this pupper

From @winstonandelena

12. Dog is a paid actor, he showing us his skill

From @tiagoandcooper

13. Living his best life every summer

From @thehomeprojectguy

14. Oh, you don't even know how lucky you are. Do you?

From @westcottage

15. The cat must be up to no good

From @wat.ki

16. So adorabel you both

From @wat.ki

17. Tell me your human is clingy without telling me your human is clingy

From @marthalovesdogs

18. this poor baby soul Labrador, drama huskies

From @nico.jackson.zoey

19. move hooman, no touchy touchy

From @novagolden

20. Funny in start & cute in end, but adorable as always

From @napathegolden

21. You said wait till I get back, he saw door open GAME ON!! Good puppy

From @meredithandherdog

22. I'M SIMPLY IN LOVE! I want to be this cool when i grow up

From @murraymcallan

23. This happened to me in the Bahamas last summer

From @goldengirl_xena


From @mattppeterson

25. Sounds like a certified good boy

From @maui_thegoldenpup

26. Golden retriever’s really are living their best lives because their parents can’t resist this cuteness. I’m the parent

From @midwestgolden

27. The loveliest welcome anyone could ever receive

From @liriebaleci

28. Tongue love, tongue out

From @tuckerbudzyn

29. This is life with a golden be like, how cute

From @hdbrosriley

30. They are so beautiful, welcome to the amazing world

From @meggordonn

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