Golden Retrievers Videos Will Boost Your Mood

1. Happy tongue out day everyone, me enjoy the first time to the beach

From TT

2. Join with us hooman! Let's play

From TT

3. Keep doing it mum, you are the best <3

From TT

4. My dad love me a lot, and I love him too!

From TT

5. Every morning, my golden bois always waiting for me to get out of bed

From @waterfrontgoldens

6. Brother when we was smol

From TT

7. Do you love my new hair? Cutie for sure

From @aliciaqferreira124

8. Say hi to me everyone!

From TT

9. Well, it's turn out not what I have expected...

From @romi_hanmer_

10. Winter my fav season, enjoy this golden tornado

From @banana.thegoldenboy

11. It's a ruff day hooman, but so fun

From TT

12. My mood right now, and everyday

From @hudsobegood

13. Enjoy the sunny day at the back yard

From TT

14. Take my dog to the beach and enjoy the sunset moment

From @maggieandherdads

15. I am so happy enjoy the sunset view with mom

From @maggieandherdads

16. Wiggle that fluffy tail, to the left, and to the right

From @i_am_gus_the_cocker

17. First time hanging out with my family at the beach

From TT

18. No touchy touchy hooman, and you will gonna take my bite

From @duketheprince_

19. And I am melt!

From  @novathegoldengal

20. Here I come mom, wake up and feed me

From TT

21. Easy tricks for me mom, teach me more!

From  @maggieandherdads

22. So happy for the view

From  @novathegoldengal

23. We are the fluffy brother golden, and we love snow

From @golden.mylokin

24. My golden when look at the treats!

From TT

25. Snow, snow, I love snow a lot, so smol and cute

From TT

26. Sniff sniff, I smell chimken and I see dad

From @chasin_chester

27. Do ya love my new costume mom just got for me?

From TT

28. They are growing up so fast! Wish the time can comeback

From @drakethepupstar

29. Heaven is here, full of fluffy babies

From TT

30. Look at my tiny teeth, how adorable I am?

From TT

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