Golden Retrievers Puppies For Your Day Better

1. I'm cute either way, do you love my new hat?

From @golden.mylokin

2. Mondayyy feels, I want to meet my Sunday friend

From @arrowwoodretrievers

3. Take me go anywhere hooman

From @sir_ridley_goldenretriever

4. Cozy and living my golden life, do you love my new hat?

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

5. How tiny and smol is this little fella

From @some_with

6. Heaven is right here, how fluffy and adorable are they

From @golden.mylokin

7. Gud night everypawdy

From @lunasgoldenadventures

8. Hello fur friend, let me enjoy with you guys!

From @jasion68688

9. Yummy, your finger like chimken

From @bestboybrix

10. Do you love my new hat that mom just got for me?

From @bestboybrix

11. Who wud you pick? Hazel is very judgemental fellow

From @golden.mylokin

12. Sleeping, taking a nap, see ya later mom

From @arrowwoodretrievers

13. Tiny fur friend enjoy the outdoor for the first time

From @bestboybrix

14. Catch flights, not feelings, I love traveling everywhere with you mom

From @louiethecream

15. What would you name him?

From @some_with

16. There’s always that one girl who’s gotta be the center of attention

From @waterfrontgoldens

17. First bath for the first time, how fluffy and cute

From @diaryofdottie

18. An obsession that doesn't hurt anyone, follow me everypawdy!

From @stagegulchgoldens

19. How tiny and smol is this little fella

From @shiba_uni_20190107

20. Must take him home

From @louiethecream

21. Watch me grow 2 months - 6 months

From @rufio.the.golden

22. Those ear flops, how cute and adorable

From @homer.hulkgoldenboy

23. You got a friend in me, All pups deserve such love

From @arnoldthedoginator

24. Puppy life, how cute and smol is this little fella

From @goldenretriever_samson

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