Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #9



1. That’s the best pool party to have 😍❤️


2. What a true Blessing for that to happen 🐶❤️


3. balancing things is her specialty! ⚖️

From @nellysnose 

4. Most special guest ❤️


5. Why get an alarm clock when you can have dogs 🙈🐾❤️

From @gamjamypotato

6. Major bag alert… 🙈

From @indy.on.insta

7. Wink 😉😘


8. Rainy Day ASMR 🌧

From @goldengirl_xena

9. Happy Hump Day 🙈😆


10. I'm not crying... you're crying... ❤️🥲

From @lizzie.bear

11. Step 1: Apply the peanut butter
Step 2: Enjoy 👃🥰

From @charlie_the_golden18

12. So full that now I'm stuck... 😜

From @apollo_the_goodest

13. … about sums up the amount of motivation after a 3 day weekend right?!

From @hudsonbegood

14. This trend but make it ✨Golden ✨

From @bowen_thegolden

15. Which one is your favorite? 🤣

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

16. Tag a dog dad who didn’t want the dog but now they are best friends! ❤️🐾

From @beaunosebones

17. She’s just a ten 🤷‍♀️

From @charlieandreid

18. ❤️ On a scale of 1-10 how spoiled is your golden?

From @sammythegolden247

19. Who else feels like this today? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🙋

From @fozzcook

20. String cheese : not as easy as it looks 😂

From @tahoeisgolden

21. Who here is a true Floridian?! 🤣 Hoping for everyone’s safety in Florida right now! 🫶

From  @bowen_thegolden

22. Would you teach you dog to do this?

From @outrageously_helpful_orion

23. Monkey see monkey do 🙈🙉🙊

From @sy_jtmom

24. Where is the water? 🤣😍

From @giamourgoldens

25. One chimkin plz!! 🍗🍽

From @bleuu_bear

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