Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #7



1. Mahm says we’re taking kindergarten pictures hahahhah

From @themgoldengals

2. Good Vibes Only! 😊💛

From @goldenfiona

3. Daily struggle when you’re this gorgeous! 🤣

From @golden_jeanpierre

4. Cutest thief 😍❤️


5. They are all so cute!

From @arrowwoodretrievers

6. The best rendition of this song so far. 👏

From @elliegoldenlife

7. Indeed, kids are great imitators!🤣😅

From @sy_jtmom

8. All the time ❤️

From @the3retrievers

9. Love this cute Barbie boy! ♥️

From  @thedukeofmadison

10. The side eye is hilarious 😂

From @thegoldentonka

11. Making my ancestors proud🤪💯

From @goldenbrudders

12. Every, Single, Day 🐶. So happy to see ya mom

From @luka_toby_dogcic

13. Just Golden retriever things 😂

From @goldenbabybasil

14. Goldens are truly beautiful dogs inside and out ❤️


15. This is so accurate 😂

From @ourlovinglola

16. He is a donut with icing sugar 🥰

From @leo_the_goodboi

17. 10/10 for efforts 😂👏

From @Benny_and_remy

18. They’re just bored 😑😂

From @thegolden_jackie

19. The cutest ghost 👻😍

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

20. if there's no treato don't talk to me 😤

From @lillyandnalaa

21. Every single walk. 😂❤️

From @hudsonbegood

22. Never any privacy around here…

From @bakerbarnes

23. He definitely said “ENOUGH” 😅

From @goldendayswithhaze

24. They’re so proud 😂

From @ottoandrupert

25. When your dogs try to help out with the bills 💵😂

From @sammythegolden247

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