Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #44



1. I can do anything better than you 😏😍

From @remiem_retrievers

2. He’s ma babay! 😆😆

From @gamjamypotato

3. One more rep mom, you can do it📣

From @itsatlasthegolden

4. Worlds best shadow 😈✨

From @chase_anthony_gr

5. Right here, I'm moving

From @bradythegoldenpup

6. She lives a very ✨ golden ✨ life

From @charlieandreid

7. This girl has some pipes on her 😉

From @honeysmyhaven

8. We’re on a mission to learn this - stay tuned 😉

From @itsatlasthegolden

9. Don’t wait to realize the good old days! 😭🥰

From @the3retrievers

10. It's good to be a lil WEIRD right? 😎🤪

From @handsome_boy_mylo

11. mom is straight up crazy if she thinks she can leave my favorite snack just unattended like that……

From @golden_boy_boonie

12. 2 golden retrievers are the best!

From @hugoandursula

13. Who keeps giving Linda ideas?! I juss wanna talks 😠💩👟

From @tuckerbudzyn

14. Must be me who rules the roost 😎

From @whiskyretrieverboy

15. Hooman are full of red flags 🚩How dare they?! 😤

From @maui_thegoldenpup

16. When I lost my mind to zoomies 🤪

From @hinckleyparks

17. Living my best life 🥰

From @winthegolden

18. He stuck the landing though 👏

From @mikeyandruthie

19. Money isn’t everything, but money bought me my everything 😁

From @skylars.the.limit

20. Nothing here to see 👀

From @wilbur_theredgolden

21. It’s simple 🤵‍♂️✨

From @hankthetankgr

22. Me and my team ❤️👨‍👨‍👧

From @maggieandherdads

23. Silly Peanut Butter! 😅

From @the_goldenpom_squad

24. Oh yeah…a little to the right pleaseee🥴

From @goldenretrieverblu_

25. And it's a Monday ...

Now who's ready for their first, second or third coffee? 😂

From @ourgoldengirlbella

26. Gots a bad case of lazy Sunday🤒

From @thegoldenramsey

27. Uh… did someone already take the trash out? I think I left a bone 🦴 in there 😅😋

From @themacmalone

28. I’m a brave guard dog 😁

From @tamagothegolden

29. Who else has a sock thief?!

From @benson.thegoldenretriever1

30. ✨Golden retriever = happiness ✨

Obviously you can adopt it’s even better ❤️ When pawrents decided to get me the shelters were completely empty 😊

From @tamagothegolden

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