Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #43



1. Just watching her prance makes me smile ☺️💕

From @dawg4dog

2. Who wants to take a road trip with Bennie and Maple? 🐕🏔


3. The cutest guardian angel!


4. Never want to leave again.

This is why Beau goes wherever he can go with us. We never miss an opportunity for him to join in on the fun! Our honeymoon is going to be so tough.😭

From @beaunosebones

5. wake up!!😍😂

From @nicholberrygoldens 

6. My ⭐️✨glow up after 6 months… can’t wait to see me at a year old 

From @finleyfsomers

7. I used to worry id lose the baby status and all da treats that go with it😉

From @marleyinnyc

9. Sometimes I questions merlots life choices 😂

From @thisgoldenjourney

10. good thing I don’t speak English 😘🍷

From @goldenchilidog

11. I turn 13.5 tomorrow and age can’t stop me from having a good time! 🥳

From @bakerbarnes

12. My only friend 🤩🐾

From @golden_pabloescobark

13. 🗣muzzled dogs aren’t bad dogs!

people often have the misconception that muzzled dogs are bad dogs and murphy is most definitely not a “bad dog.” sure, he’s dog reactive but that’s because he’s just a man that needs space and slow introductions - and that’s ok!! muzzle training has been such a game changer for us in our reactive journey that it has allowed us to safely meet new dog friends, explore new places, and create amazing training opportunities and memories.

i’ve had people stop and ask “how can you muzzle that sweet face” or “he’s a golden retriever they’re not supposed to be mean” but honestly 1. i think murph looks badass and cool in his muzzle and 2. murphy isn’t mean. he just lacks confidence and understands that his muzzle keeps him safe.

again, muzzled dogs aren’t bad dogs. they can be used in many situations to keep pups and humans safe.

From @mr_murphy

14. good morn. the king has arrived. ur welc.

From @goldenchilidog

15. Same like my puppy 🐶


16. What a cutie 🤣🥰

From @magaligoldenretriever

17. The best feeling ever! Saving pets makes us feel like 🦸‍♀️❤️

From @dr.tannetje.crocker

18. Love me! ❤️

From @_olives_odyssey_

19. Love at first boop 👆🏻🥰

From @goldengirl_xena

20. These paws were made for walking 🐾

From @indy.on.insta

21. Oopsies 🙈

From @gamjamypotato

22. But it's always good to encourage independence in all dogs, the dog should be able to sleep and relax with or without you. 🥰

From @thegoldengrey

23. Let me know if you suffer from handsomeness as well ✨

From @milo.valer

24. teefies always showing during playtime 🦷🦷

From @thesousasiblings

25. Great investment 🙌🏼

From @thegoldennamedbeckham

26. But he started it😬 I don’t think so, Benny🙄

From @goldenretrieverblu_

27. Every. Single. Time.

From @champgoldenpup

28. Who can relate??? 🙋🏼Breffast waits fur no one, sorry Dad! ⏰

From @gill_thegolden

29. Archie’s first 🐿encounter. Oops!

From @scoutgoldenretriever

30. The struggle is real 🙈🏄‍♂️ are we the only ones…? 🥴

From @thedukeofmadison

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