Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #39



1. all I need💙

From @arnoldthedoginator

2. I <3 my mom! .. and I I may or may not have a staring problem 😂

From @madnesswithmurph

3. Jax is terrified of our neighbor’s horses so this moment was extraordinary 💕

From @playwithjaxandwillow

4. Going home❤️

From @arnoldthedoginator

5. Give. Me. PUPPIESSSS 😭💗

From @elkcreekgoldenretrievers

6. Attemtiom seeker 🙃

From @nuggetkoh @ladyandtheblues

7. The baby 🍔

From @agoldennamedkevin

8. If anyone needs a 🐾 PAW-MEDIC I’m your DOG✨🚨😂

Warning ⚠️ You might need rescuing after watching this video 😀

If you have been following Sunday for awhile you’ll know that she can howl on demand so this is the perfect job for her. I hope it makes you smile ✨💛

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

9. Let da weekend naughty boi games begin 😏🥳

From @gill_thegolden

10. But… but… I just a baby 🥹🤍

From @hankthetankgr

11. There’s a very strange theme going on here 🤔🐄

and I am not amoosed… What are your silly dog nick names?

From @goodboymulligan

13. Once upon a time a smol but mighty pupper came into our lives and life was never the same

The end😌

From @goldenretrieverblu_ 

14. The bromance is real. 💛🤗

From @goldenretriever_samson

15. And if I could go back to the start and do it all again, I would 💙

From @goldenretrieverblu_

16. the audacity 👀

From @themgoldenboys

17. Watch out for those Kev-nados

From @agoldennamedkevin

18. True or not, we’re going with it! 🤷‍♀️

From @the3retrievers

19. There’s always next year..


20. Willow’s first pool day!

From @playwithjaxandwillow

21. And our lives are forever changed 🥰

From @winniethegoldenpupper

22. Professional Dog Walker here 🐾😆

From @bob_marley_goldenretriever

23. I can wait all day Dad!

From @kensingtoncampbell

24. The smile says it all!

From @the3retrievers

25. Wait for it…Why get alarm clocks if you have dogs😅⏰

From @gamjamypotato

26. We finally got around to doing the painters tape challenge .. inspired by our buddies

From @lifeofsterlingnewton

27. Golden life is still the best life tho 😍

From @bowen_thegolden

28. Put down the computer and come play!

From @hinckleyparks

29. Work hard, nap hard. 💤

From @goldenretriever_samson

30. Hekkin Linda is drinking her feelings again 😬🍷

From @tuckerbudzyn

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