Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #36



1. Sorry, Mahm and I can’t come to da phone right now. Why? Cause we iz sleepy beepy.

From @gill_thegolden

2. Puppy kisses 😘 ❤️

From @arrowwoodretrievers

3. Mom says you gotta get lucky. 🐶

From @rylie_chesney_and_winston

4. Sending you a hug!⁣ Share with anyone who needs one today💛

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

5. Sorry Murph :,(

it’s a happy ending, I swear lol

From @madnesswithmurph

6. Who else is in nap mode this week? 😴

From @lizzie.bear

7. Pawsonal trainer🐶

From @marleyinnyc

8. Update- there is no longer cause. BFFLs ❤️

From @bowen_thegolden

9. I wouldn't last one second 🥲

From @thebernerbunch

10. Introducing my personal trainer Rex! What do you think of my new moves?


11. My best friend. My soulmate. My hero ♥️

From @milo.valer

12. I just LOVE some nicely trimmed golden toe beans 

Curious- do you know how to trim your goldens paws?

From @bowen_thegolden

13. Happens every time. 😂

From  @hudsonbegood

14. It's not just a hat 🧢😩

From @sammythegolden247

15. When the dad’s away, the pups will play 😝

From @itsatlasthegolden

16. Why’s mom always gotta tattle on me!? 😤🔊

From @ninerthegolden

17. Double dinner for the win 😝 has this ever happened to you? ⁣

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

18. Almost a dream come true 🐿

From @kyler_sandiego

19. Gary stunk so bad he passd outs! Lucky I waz here to halps!🥳😆

Marley is a service dog, specifically in medical response, his main task is to alert others if Gary faints. We have not done these types of training for a very long time and luckily Gary hasn’t fainted for a long time🙏❤️ He is not a therapy or emotional support dog which needs no task training.

From @marleyinnyc

20. hashtag bread winners 😏

From @molsonandmaple

21. My talent is endless😂

From @goldenretrieverblu_

22. Nature Kebin did a belly slide

From @agoldennamedkevin

23. [sound on] 🔉
when you stuck at home and feel bored, you can unlock new potentials

Like recently I found I have a squeaky smoosh, and it sings!!!! Isn’t this amazing?

From @maui_thegoldenpup

24. This is how excited he gets every time I step away from him and come back

(even if it’s just to walk to the kitchen and back! 😂)

From @fozzcook

25. here is our story ❤️

From @mangoandatlas

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