Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #31



1. I forget that mom tells me to stop chewin on everything and jumping on counters, what do you forget? ⁣

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

2. My parents were obviously easily persuaded 👼🏼

From @readysetteddy

3. I have many jobs, but being your big brother is my most favorite one♥️ ⁣

From @wallace_the_golden_child

4. Just living that retriever life. You leave it, I retrieve it!

From @scoutgoldenretriever

5. Here is our story ❤️

From @mangoandatlas

6. Did I eat my egg and then dive into my sisters for seconds? Absolutely, but what gave it away? 🍳😅

From @goldengirl_xena

7. Just splashin’ around💦🤪

From @cooper.thegoldenboy

8. His face at the end... so cheeky! 😉😂

From @fozzcook

9. Best greeting committee there ever was #SoundOn

From @champgoldenpup

10. No mission is impossible for THE MURPH

From @madnesswithmurph

11. After 13.5 years, we are finally revealing the secret to my dancing.

From @bakerbarnes

12. How dare they leave me at home 😫

From @penny.thegoldengirl

13. Sweet kisses 😘 🥰

From @arrowwoodretrievers

14. I’m really likin dis new furever home!! ❤️

From @rylie_chesney_and_winston

15. The solution to a happy life! Who agrees??

From @the3retrievers

16. Just a girl and her dog. (sound on) ✨

From @sundaythegoldenretriever

17. Potato Gill iz da name, selective pawticipation iz da game 🥱💤

From @gill_thegolden

18. I’m crying 🥺

From @milo.valer

19. Goodnight. Love, Millar 🐾💙

From @marty.and.murphy

20. Uhh, we’ll take 2 pup cups 😘

From @bowen_thegolden

21. Mom haz a sonic vacuum monster that drives by her work sometimes. But I scare him off 💪🏼🚂

From @goodboymulligan

22. The pawrents disappeared again dis morning. 😭 I hate it.

Seester cat don’t care. 🙄

From @max.and.finn

23. who else seriously hates paw balm time 🙄

From @nuggetkoh

24. It wasn't a tough decision:

A) cool down water fun.💦

B) shaving all my fur off.✂️

From @lewis_golden

25. Such a little dude🥰

From @ninerthegolden

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