Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #29



1. How dare you mom

From @milo.valer

2. When you’re trying to look cool, but fail:( Does this ever happen to you?

From @the3retrievers

3. My sunshine 💗 🧸

From @arrowwoodretrievers

4. The man has a point 🙃

From @winniethegoldenpupper

5. Throwback to when I was just a little floof ball.

From @rylie_chesney_and_winston

6. Love it! Ears get me every time

From @winniethegoldenpupper

7. Helping mom with holiday cleaning like... 😂🐶❤️

From @hudsonbegood

8. Most giant bed ever!

From @kensingtoncampbell

9. “What, like it’s hard?” - Elle Woods… and probably Nova 💕⁣

From @novathegoldengal

10. Afta many calcilashuns hooman still has me bamboozled! Unbeeleebable!!

From @marleyinnyc

11. BFF that match together stay together 🧢💙✨

From @sammythegolden247

12. All in favor of a brother? 🙋🏼‍♀️

From @readysetteddy

13. Double dinner for the win 😝 has this ever happened to you? ⁣

From @pearl.the.golden.girl

14. Jus because I love my brudder💙

From @wallace_the_golden_child

15. I'm a pretty 🥔

From @mangoandatlas

16. The perfect man doesn’t exist, but the perfect dog does! 🌹 Will you be mine?

From @scoutgoldenretriever

17. Taking a bath as a golden retriever mom 🙄

From @goldengirl_xena

18. Move over Mom, I’m coming 😂

From @cooper.thegoldenboy

19. What the.. 🤨🦀

From @norby_bear

20. Open the door hooman! Let me in!

Yes, you just let me out one second ago but I now want back in! Hurry up! 😂

From @fozzcook

21. Objects in mirror are cuter than they appear

From @champgoldenpup

22. the audacity 👀

From @themgoldenboys

23. HI MOM!! Didn’t mean to interrupt your zoom meeting... jk, yes I did... 🤗⁣

From @novathegoldengal

24. Your morning mood booster 💨

From @bakerbarnes

25. *sends to husband* HOW COULD YOU SAY NO TO THIS FACE?! 😭🥰😃❤️

From @arrowwoodretrievers

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