Funny Golden Retriever Videos Will Make You Smile #28



1. Just a drive-by lick station🥰

From @wallace_the_golden_child

2. The solution to a happy life! Who agrees?

From @the3retrievers

3. Big spenduh

From @readysetteddy

4. You didn’t see anything 🫣

From @bob_marley_goldenretriever

5. Look...I did it! Have you? If so, who is it? 🥰

From @the3retrievers

6. Jus because I love my brudder💙

From @wallace_the_golden_child

7. Why’s mom always gotta tattle on me!? 😤🔊

From @ninerthegolden

8. Here is our story ❤️


9. Best friends 🐶❤️👶🏼

From @norby_bear

10. The man has a point 🙃

From @winniethegoldenpupper

11.’s me✨Do you have this home greeter 😅?

From @sammythegolden247

12. You better think twice 😂

From @milo.valer

13. 🚨👮Robbing hearts ♥️

From @norby_bear

14. {SOUND ON! 🔊} There’s nothing cuter than cute little puppies on ! 🥰🐾

From @goodboymulligan

15. Like Mother, (not) like son. 🎾 Murph needs more instruction. 🤣

From @max.and.finn

16. The most appropriate Bowen Christmas post ever 🎄🎅🏻

From @bowen_thegolden

17. Can’t stop me from having a good time! 🥳

From @bakerbarnes

18. Hey, at least they are cute! Right? 😂

This audio is meant to be a joke…they are all smart dogs and loved more than anything! 🥰

From @the3retrievers

19. You are worth all the money in the world !

From @milo.valer

20. Puppy love 💕

From @arrowwoodretrievers

21. Pro tip- blame your brother for your shenanigans 😈

From @bowen_thegolden

22. I’m old and thought it was a stick 🤦‍♂️


23. Mahm: Clickity clacks all week to gib me a better life 👩‍💻
Me all day: 🚨🚨🚨🚨

From @gill_thegolden

24. Vroomin into the weekend like… Can you guess what I was just doing? Look for the hint! 🧐

From @the3retrievers

24. {SOUND ON! 🔊} It’s alright to be little bitty ☺️🐾 especially when you’re a little bitty floof nugget 🙈

From @goodboymulligan

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